Today we will be going over how to get Apple Watch Faces Rolex on your Apple watch.

Please read the end of the article to find out how to get all the watch faces because this isn’t the only watch face you can get. So the app we will be using today is called Jing watch, and that has a pretty beautiful UI. I mean, I like it. You can create faces, manage Apple Watch Faces Rolex with Jing Watch.

Jingwatch: Apple watch faces Rolex

And there’s a bunch of sections down here.

Installation Process of Apple Watch Faces Rolex

So, we will be going through the installation process for this app because it’s not an actual app on the Apple Watch app store.

So to find DJingwatch, you have to type in, download DJing, watch in your browser, and you’ll find something like this. So click on it. It’ll say Facebook.

Apple watch faces Rolex

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Now you’re going to see a page kind of looking like this. And, if you guys want to read through all of that. I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s a lot to read through, but what we need to do is join their Facebook We chat group, so to join their WeChat, we need to go to their Facebook account.

Apple watch faces Rolex

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And then what you need to do is like it. I’ll just like it. And then you want to go the page and click on follow.

Apple watch faces Rolex

So then what you want to do is you want to scroll down, visit group.

Apple watch faces Rolex

And see. You want to click on join. So you want to click on join and I’ll show that you’re joined it. So I already joined it. So this uses where you get your code right here.

Apple watch faces Rolex

So you should copy that. So now that we have our code, you want to go and put that on the page. So when you click back a few times, okay, so scroll. Click here.

Apple watch faces Rolex

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So you can’t copy the code from Facebook. I didn’t know that at first, but now I know. Click install. V3.

Okay, so the invitation code, you want to go, go to the last page that was there. Copy the code and put it there.

You  click on confirm and it’ll load. It’ll say open and page in iTunes. Click open. It’s not going to open in iTunes. Just wait, and it’ll say, install.

Apple watch faces Rolex

Then you just want to go home and it should be installed. So now when you click on it, it didn’t say untrusted enterprise developer, click on cancel, go back home settings. You want to scroll down general, go down to profiles and device management. You may have done this before. Click on trust.

Apple watch faces Rolex

Then you want to go home, swipe, and it should open notifications, and then to actually sign up, you want to go to a personal, and you want to click. Then put in all your information down there. And then click sign up.

So, just log in, and now you can see all of Apple Watch Faces Rolex are here. So then right when you go to the Apple Watch app, now grab Apple watch Series 5. It’s not going to have the app on it yet. So you can download third-party apps on your Apple watch. That should be downloading.

Apple watch faces Rolex

Okay, so this would have downloaded on Apple Watch. Watch it downloaded automatically. So now, when you go right on the Apple watch, you can easily find the gene watch. It’s going to have a default face already set. So for Apple watch faces Rolex come free. So this is the first one.

So a lot of problems that people have with this, is when you turn your wrist down, and you pull it back up, it goes back to the home screen, So to prevent that, go onto your iPhone, go to watch.

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Go to general. Then what you want to do is go to wake screen on weight screen show, last app. Keep it at always and on tap. You might want to keep it for 70 I think the seventies a lot better because then you could see the time for a reasonable amount of time. So now that when you pick it up. It’s already showing Apple watch face Rolex.

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So it’s exactly like an actual watch face and even moves, which is cool. If you guys want even more Apple watch faces Rolex, they also have a shop, so you click right here and just wait for it to load.

There, so they have recommended a top ranking in the new arrival. Go to high ranking. You could see they have some like these watch faces, some like these Apple watch faces Rolex. These Apple watch faces are nice.

They have like, these two Apple watch faces. There are different colors for Rolex Apple watch faces. And I believe you can create your wash faces here. If you go back to my faces, you click to create your Rolex Apple watch face, and then you want to name the watch face.

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When you click on it, you have to have as VIP member. When you click to upgrade to S VIP. There’s one month, there’s six months, there’s 12 months. So when you click on recharge, you can operate your actual thing. So to get the recharge, you have to go through PayPal, but if you guys want to do that, it’s a nice to the app.

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Thank you all for reading.

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