How To Clean Apple Watch Band?

So a lot of you guys ask me, how do you clean the Apple watch sport band? We only get limited number of bands with the original Apple watch. So we don’t want to waste them. It’s a good move to clean Apple watch band to make it look new and shining as it does when you get it first.

In many ways, we make Apple watch bands dirty. Sweating often make the dirt stays on forever but we know it can’t make the dirt stay forever because we know a cheap way of cleaning Apple watch band no matter how much dirt is there on it. Some sports bands are really dear to us and not matter what but we want them to use these precious Apple watch bands still.


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Well, I’ve got Apple watch sports band. It was pretty dirty and I did some gardening stuff. So that’s why it’s so dirty.

So what materials do you need for cleaning Apple watch band? You just need three things.

  1. A cloth, you could use any clean piece of cloth may it be T-Shirt.
  2. Get Magic Eraser from Mr Clean
  3. A cup of water

Magic Eraser is really amazing. You guys will see how good it is.

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This is how you clean Apple watch band;

  1. Get your Apple watch band and put it on a piece of cloth you got.
  2. Grab Magic Eraser and make it a little bit wet.
  3. Press the wet Magic Eraser on the Apple watch band surface which will stay on the piece of cloth.
  4. Keep rubbing Magic Eraser on all sides of Apple watch band until it gets cleaner and looks absolutely new.

Remember, you have to take off Apple watch band from the watch for cleaning it.

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