TOP 5 World’s Smallest Bluetooth Earbuds in 2020

The smallest Bluetooth earbuds fit perfectly into your ears. You can wear these smallest wireless headphones when going for walk, run or other fitness activity.

These are the top 5 world’s smallest Bluetooth earbuds in 2020;

  1. Earin
  2. OwnPhones
  3. PUGZ
  4. RippleBuds
  5. TRUU


smallest bluetooth earbuds

There are two high quality speakers that seamlessly fit into your ears. Designed for optimal audio and engineered by acoustic designers, mechanical and electronic engineers with the background. Earin smallest Bluetooth earbuds is designed for one thing to give it the best and most comfortable music experience possible.

You just pair it with your smart phone and smallest Bluetooth earbuds works perfectly.The vision was simple to design a great product that’s incredibly easy to use without compromising audio quality and a price that everybody can afford.

The manufacturing company of Earin wanted to design the best wireless solution for listening to music. To do that, Earin Company had to combine different areas of technology in a new way.


Earin is taking the same type of high quality technology used by the largest artist when their performance stage made really small and affordable.

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smallest bluetooth earbuds

OwnPhones are the world’s first custom made 3D printed earphones measure with your smartphone to perfectly match the unique shape of your ears. The founder of OwnPhones wanted to make the best personalized smallest wireless earbuds fitted for each and every one of you.


These smallest Bluetooth earbuds are 3D printed to the anatomy of your own ear, engineered to fit your activity profile and designed to match your own persona and style.

The founder of OwnPhones smallest Bluetooth earbuds was always fascinated by the human anatomy. Working on the design of the 3D printed VR laundress opened the eyes of the founder of OwnPhones to the possibilities that emerge from the intersection of 3D printing and the human body.

The founder decided to explore this frontier and assembled a team of engineers, 3d designers and programmers to join on his quest of making 3D smallest Bluetooth headphones.

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Every one of us has a uniquely shaped ear offering one or even three sizes of ear phone is like having three sizes of shoes for everybody. OwnPhones developed patent pending technology that will change that.


smallest bluetooth earbuds

PUGZ smallest Bluetooth earbuds are from an independent tech collective. Regular earphones have wires that tangle and limit your movement and the few wireless ones out there too big, run out of batteries on top of that are useless while you charge them.

PUGZ Bluetooth Wireless smallest earbuds took matters in our own hands and developed PUGZ, the world’s smallest wireless earphones that you can charge through your phone.

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The self-guiding magnetic connector is going to change the game if the battery is out just connect it to your phone and keep on listening. PUGZ are neither as a square nor a circle but have squirrel for the best electrical conductivity. Our connecting elements are made at 18 karat gold.

PUGZ earphones are not only small; they’re also packs of badass sound. And come in two different models, depending on what kind of fit you prefer. Smallest Bluetooth earbuds 2020 are available in four colors to suit everyone, and of course you can talk on the phone with them.

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smallest bluetooth earbuds

Everything now moves at thundering speed and our city’s careers and lives aren’t slowing down. This pace and power of technology has given us great mobility, but we’ve stopped feeling connected. We text tag, post an email, but most importantly we call.

So cutting through the noise to hear someone has met being tethered to your phone, tangled in your earbuds, or being distracted by your surroundings until now.

RippleBuds are the smartest smallest wireless earbud with an in ear microphone that lets you clearly capture your voice from inside your eardrum. Using state of the art noise blocking technology, RippleBuds creates a two way path for sound waves that lets you both hear and speak with just a single bud.

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As sound waves travel from your body to your mouth, they also exit through the U station tube an eardrum. RippleBuds captures and transmits this sound to your collar before it can be interfered with by the sound waves around.

This also means that your smartphone’s voice recognition services such as Siri, will have less interference when trying to present commands resulting in improved functionality.

Thanks to the wireless design, you can commute, drive, exercise, and perform any normal task without distraction. The audio file quality sound will make sure your favorite music, podcasts and soundtracks are always crystal clear during your morning run.

To ensure your ripple buds are always ready for important calls you can charge them remotely with the compact on the go recharging capsule that fits right in your pocket.


smallest bluetooth earbuds

Imagine that for becoming a technological development for electronics isn’t it weird though, how we always plug things in the cords at some point. Companies are talking about true wireless solutions but never seem to live up to their promise. TRUU is the future. I think it’s time to truly cut the cord and this is the beginning of the new era.

TRUU smallest wireless earbuds are charged wirelessly. The minimalistic design of TRUU is attractive, functional, and hassle free. They are constructed so that all types of ears feel comfortable wearing them.

The round shape and lines get the product and ever changing and unique look. When it comes to sound quality, it really doesn’t get any better than the balanced armature technology applied in the TRUU earbuds.

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The Bluetooth 4.0 technology does not only make it fast and easy to connect to your smartphone, it also minimizes the impact of sound quality, and it’s less power demanding than conventional Bluetooth equipment.

The smallest earbuds are activated by separating the magnetic connection between the two earbuds and ready for pairing when holding one of the buttons down.

We wanted charger to be an interior design item that could be placed anywhere in your home. Therefore, the Scandinavian wooden details felt natural for us. In the future, TRUU will be a standardized generic charger for every household and for a wide range of technologies.