Best Waterproof Smartwatch? G Shock Rangeman Vs Casio Pro Trek

It’s undeniable that smartwatches are the way of the future, and with all their impressive features, it’s easy to see why. If you want the waterproof smartwatch that is both tough and technological, then you’ve come to the right place. Waterproof smartwatches are incredibly versatile and perfect for outdoor lovers.

They are great for hiking, swimming, and everything in between. We have reviewed two best of the best rugged and waterproof smartwatches for you.  


G Shock Rangeman

waterproof smartwatch

G Shock Rangeman brings a whole host of new features, never before seen and outdoor connect to watch. It’ll help you explore, track your progress, predict the weather, and help navigate you to safety.

There are several GPS watches on the market in a moment, but the G Shock Rangeman is the world’s first solar powered GPS survival watch where other watches will need to be charged approximately every 20 hours. This waterproof smartwatch is continuously powered by any light source even cloudy weather.

Once activated, the GPS will last over 30 hours on a single solar charge, continuously tracking your location and guiding you on pre-loaded routes, which can be set by your mobile phone. To connect your watch the Bluetooth, simply hold down the bottom left button for three seconds. Once connected to the G shock connected app, you’ll be able to set your own routes via an interactive map and then upload them to the waterproof smartwatch.


No GPS really comes into its own in conditions like whiteout. Thankfully, the best waterproof smartwatch has been tracking my location ever since I started. So by activating backtrack mode, using the button, I can follow the route.

I’ve already taken it straight back to safety. The Rangeman also has a built in triple sensor, which has even more features that will benefit you including an altimeter, which displays your current height above sea level.

To access your meter, press the lower left button. Scroll down to altimeter to select “help”. And it will display. And you can use this height to relate to your map. There’s also a built in barometer which informs you of approaching weather fronts as well as a thermometer, which provides you with the temperature around you.


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To access the thermometer, simply press the lower left button. Scroll down to barometer and select. The moments when the route isn’t always obvious, the triple sensor provides you with a compass which helps you navigate through treacherous areas. To activate the compass, simply press the lower left button.

Scroll down to compass, select and the watch will point in a direction that you’re facing if you’re tracking your route. The watch will point in a direction that you need to go.

Now, as you know, the Rangeman is a G shock rugged smartwatch and like all G shock watches, every single one has the exact same facts that apply to all of them.

Every G shock rugged smartwatch can be thrown from a three story building or 10 meters.

Every G Shock watch is vibration resistant and 200 meter water resistant.

G shock Rangeman is entirely mud resistant, meaning you can incorporate mud, grit, dirt or sand and still press all the buttons in to your heart’s content and nothing can get inside the waterproof smartwatch.

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Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30

waterproof smartwatch

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30watch brings the very best of Casio’s trusted quality combined with the latest cutting edge smart technology. Using built in GPS; F30 continuously tracks your progress on a map together with key distance and performance information.

What are the most unique features the new F30 offers? Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 has full color offline maps. Using the maps function, The F30 waterproof smartwatch works seamlessly with your mobile to transfer route and quartered data directly to your watch. Also built in is Casio’s very owned triple sensor, a compass, altimeter and barometer all accessible via the tool button.

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It not only looks great, it will also keep you fighting when you need it most. Usable straight out the box or the F30’s own integrated apps, which you use to track your progress. Just like the kayaking app.

The F30 rugged smartwatch is also durable to military grade standard, so shocks, knocks and bangs are not a problem, giving you extra peace of mind and enjoy more intense activities. Additionally, the F30 is 50 meters water resistance, which means it’s right at home in the water, no matter how rough it is.

The rugged smartwatch brings with it a battery life that can last up to 3 days while still maintaining the key functions of the watch.

If that’s not enough, the waterproof smartwatch also has an interesting trick to help keep you exploring for longer.

With the jaw layer screen built in the F30 can display an LCD screen featuring date, time and key sense information for up to a month on a single charge. Leaving you more time to enjoy your adventure and the less time for thinking where the next charge point is.

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