Best Smartwatch For Kids? Top 6 Reviewed

The world is getting tech with more digital devices each year. One such device is a smartwatch for kids. Smartwatches are not just for adults, but work just fine for kids. Getting a smartwatch for your child is a great way to introduce him or her to the tech world of today. In the past few years, you would only find smartwatches for adults.

These are best 5 smartwatches for kids;

  • My First Fone S2
  • Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch dx2
  • 321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch
  • PROGRACE Kids Smartwatch
  • Kids Watch Smartwatch Phone
  • Boys Girls Smartwatch

My First Fone S2

A mom’s work is never done but for a mom, making sure that kids are safe and healthy is the most important thing. So when they have busy lives and dad’s away, smartwatch for kids makes it much easier to manage. My First Phone is a best smartwatch for kids in 2020 that keeps kids safe and helps family work together.

smartwatch for kids

With My First Phone you can list trusted numbers only. So all calls coming in or out will only be from parents. And with instant messages, it feels like family is always together.

Smartwatch for kids lets kids keep in contact too. All they have to do is shake their watches close by and they can connect through voice video and live calls. Best kids smartwatch with gps is protected with maximum encryption and it all works of real time 3G data. So you can reach your kids anywhere.


At a glance, you can be at work knowing that kids are safe at school through a GPS locator, and also set geo-fence boundaries so you can get alerts if they suddenly leave your chosen area. You can even see if they’re walking enough steps for the day, just with the app on your phones. Most technology these days gets in the way.

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But My First Phone helps kids focus. Smart watch for kids with gps automatically puts silent notifications on when they’re at school or music lessons so they can learn without interruption. And when your son is back at home, not doing what he should be, dad can check in with a simple care call.


Whenever kids need help or something’s wrong with life they’re just a few clicks away. Well, no matter where dad is, he is never far from home either. Even for bedtime stories. So when he actually does get back, it always felt like he was right there with them.

My First Phone helps families communicate, share affection and stay safe.

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Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch dx2

smartwatch for kids

Vtech kidizoom smartwatch dx2 is the first ever smartwatch and wearable phone for kids that features GPS tracking, videos, dance classes. Best Smartwatch for 10 year old makes it easy for modern families to stay connected.

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Kidizoom smartwatch for kids uses advanced GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi technology to help parents conveniently and accurately track their child’s location.

Emergencies big and small can pop up and the SOS function allows kids to send immediate alerts to their parents triggering continuous GPS tracking of their location and the live recording of surrounding zones. Vetch kidizoom smartwatch dx2 offers big solutions in small device.

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321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch

smartwatch for kids

This is a sleek design smartwatch for kids with a stainless steel wire drawing surface. It is an ergonomic convex design watch with a precision laminating process.

The watch also features a soft strap to make watch wearing comfortable. The watch also features a sync feature for seamless watch connection to Bluetooth devices. In addition, the watch features a SIM card slot to allow for call making and receiving. It is an advanced smartwatch for kids to also send and reply messages.

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PROGRACE Kids Smartwatch

smartwatch for kids

PROGRACE KidsSmartwatch is another top quality smartwatch for kids with a 90 degree rotating camera. It is one of the best kids smartwatches suitable for children from the age of 4 to 12 years old. The watch comes with the wide array of features ranging from FM, music player, Flashlight, camera, et cetera.

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It is a decent quality watch that lets you take photos and videos. Besides, the camera rotates 90 degrees to capture different angle images. In addition, the watch features for built in funny games to keep kids fun and entertaining. Overall, this is a perfect toddlers smartwatch with an audio music player and air phone plug.

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Kids Watch Smartwatch Phone

smartwatch for kids

This is another premium quality smartwatch with pretty versatile features. The smartwatch for kids features nine functions of calculator, alarms, Cam, music player, call records, et cetera. In addition, there are seven fun loving built in games to entertain and keep kids busy overall.

This waterproof smartwatch for kids is a quality kids watch that also makes and receives calls. It is a leading brand kids’ smartwatch with a music player, recorder and camera. You can easily take videos and photos wherever you go. Overall, this is a quality watch that is also easy to operate and use.

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Boys Girls Smartwatch

smartwatch for kids

This is a lovely and sleek design smartwatch with pretty decent quality features. It is a leading smartwatch with a GPS chip for easy location tracking. This watch provides parents with a more accurate location, hence double child’s safety. You can always know the real time location of your baby. In addition, the watch features SOS emergency calls for kids.

It is a great way to send emergency calls to family members. Within three seconds, there is a further built in SIM card slot to make and receive calls. Overall, this is by far the best gifts for kids this coming holiday.

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