Apple Watch VS Garmin: Which is Better Smartwatch?

apple watch vs garmin

Apple Watch vs Garmin? Simple answer is that Apple watch is way more stylish and has better fitness tracking features whereas Garmin is absolutely great for mountain climbers and golfers. Both Apple watch and Garmin have distinct features and design which make them totally different smartwatches. We’re doing a comparison article of the Apple watch … Read more

Garmin S60 Premium VS S60 Standard: Detailed Guide

garmin s60 premium

The straight answer to Garmin S60 premium vs S60 Standard is that Garmin S60 Premium has 61 g weight whereas Garmin S60 Standard has 1.8 g weight. Secondly, Garmin S60 Premium has scratch resistant ceramic bezel while S60 Standard has Polymer bezel. Thirdly, S60 Standard has Silicon band whereas Garmin S60 premium has leather watch … Read more

Smartwatch Benefits You All Should Know!

benefits of a smart watch

Unfortunately, those who say that “smart watches are useless” do not understand the smartwatch benefits. There could be two kinds of people reading this article. First type of people consider they waste money and second type of people want to know more about smartwatch benefits before deciding to buy it. I’m pretty sure at the … Read more