Raycon E55 Earbuds Review: Get 30 Hours Battery Life

I have seen so many ads and so many sponsors for Raycon E55. Some of the videos from my favorite YouTubers, and they do get a lot of praise and with how much marketing they have been doing. I mean, they had to be doing pretty well. Well, let’s just say that their marketing work and they managed to make me purchase a pair of Raycon E55 myself.

However, this is going to be a different type of article since I bought Raycon E55 for the mere purpose of testing them and being able to share my honest opinion with you all.


Are Raycon E55 wireless earbuds top of the line when it comes to wireless earbuds? And is Raycon E55 earbuds really good? Well, let’s dive on.

First things first, we’re going to start off with an unboxing. There’s some boxing. You will find yourself with multiple layers and the first box use out to cut off the tape on that one and then lift it, and then you’re going to find yourself with the actual packaging for the Raycon earbuds.

The box is going to open from the side and it’s not exactly sealed, but it does have a magnetic enclosure.


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And then inside you’re going to find a small envelope with your instructions inside, but putting that aside, you’re going to find your brand new pair of Raycon E55 and right underneath a high quality metal holder for a bunch of differently sized ear tips, the USBC cable for charging, and you’re going to find yourself a lanyard as well.

Honestly, this was a pretty cool unboxing experience. And they clearly put a lot of thought into making this nice and maximizing experience, but also they wanted to make sure that these Raycon E55 Truly wireless earbuds will be able to fit just about anyone’s ears. So I’m very appreciative of what they’ve done by including that.


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Design of Raycon E55 Earbuds

Raycon E55 Earbuds Review
Raycon E55 Truly Wireless Earbuds have impeccable design

The design of the Raycons is actually quite nice. It will be comprised of LASSI plastic, and you can’t get it in a bunch of different colors and you still happen to want to get the black one. This is the one that would probably show the most, but the fingerprints on these are actually very faint, so they won’t be much of a problem.

However, when holding Raycon E55, you can tell that these are built pretty well, these are solid, they’re built strongly, and they include little hook on the top just to make it a lot easier to retain in your ears, which is pretty cool.

So in terms of design, I’m actually pretty happy with Raycon E55. I think that they’re small enough not look stupid and they don’t compromise on functionality on the way to getting there.

So that is something that I appreciate. I’m a fan of its design.  

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Charging Case of Raycon E55

Now let’s talk about the case now. The case itself is made of plastic too. Instead of a glossy texture, the Raycon E55 charging case itself is going to feature very nice, soft touch material around that. That actually feels quite nice. The case itself is very small and sturdy.

It’s built very well. So built quality was clearly a concern for Raycon earbuds as they made sure to put quite a lot of effort into making sure that the buds on the case themselves would both be built pretty strongly and they were able to do quite a lot with plastic here. Enclosure is also going to be fully magnetic, which is very nice.

It got a satisfying closing. This case also supports charging or wireless charger, which is really cool. So that is, you definitely get a lot of flexibility there. You get a USBC port instead of your usual micro USB for this type of devices. So I’m very happy there. They kept that into consideration in terms of comfort.

Raycon headphones are actually still fairly good. Slew fit in my ears. At very top of the ear, but itself does once again help make sure that the buds will be staying in my ears. So this is obviously very welcome inclusion here, and it would actually be quite difficult to get these out of my ears unintentionally.

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So I definitely appreciate that since they do a very good job, it’s sitting in my ears. So Raycon E55 headphones are fairly comfortable in that matter.

However, there are some very pressing matters to discuss moving forward with this  Raycon E55 review.

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Raycon E55 Sound Quality

Raycon E55 Earbuds Review
Raycon E55 earbuds may look big but in fact, they are custom fit

And the next section is going to be sound quality. And this is when these Raycon E55 buds fall very short.

These don’t sound very good. I actually do not like how Raycon E55 sounds and here’s why. They do have bass level that the bass on tennis you consider drown out a lot of the music, and if you’re listening to bass heavy music.

It just going to take over completely and it’s not going to sound very good. It’s going to draw out almost everything and your audio. So when it comes to bass heavy music, these just sound like older beats. It’s just pounding at your head and it’s not really trying all that hard to give you a good musical experience.

And that sucks pretty badly. I can give them this though. When you’re not listening to bass heavy music and you just have clean vocals, pretty clean instruments, and just as long as there’s not too much going on within the music that you’re listening to, then these could actually sound pretty good in terms of just vocals.

These actually do give you a pretty clear experience. However, if you have clear vocals and hip hop track, then the pace is just going to overpower everything. So the market for these is obviously pretty clear by now. Are they catering people who just want really heavy bass or at least annoying and obnoxious bass.

If you’re that kind of person, then you are going to like Raycon E55, but the overall audio quality is more important to you and then having extremely heavy and obnoxious bass, then you’re not going to like Raycon at all.

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Other features of Raycon E55 headphones

And moving on and you can still got a couple of nice features with Raycon E55 earbuds that you might not get on cheaper earbuds and even some of these features still won’t be available on higher end earbuds.

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Raycon E55 earbuds offer complete voice assistant support which means that “Siri” and Google assistant will work fine with Raycon headphones. Secondly, you can instantly reduce volume and increase the volume whenever you want it. You can play music with Raycon E55 earbuds effortlessly.

You do get a lot of benefits with it and easy connectivity to an extent. Raycon E55 has incredible battery life, Raycons do have you covered here. The buds alone can get around six hours of battery life with the extra juice from the case itself, or you will end up getting an additional 30 hours of playing, which is really good.

Raycon E55 earbuds are one of the highest rated in terms of battery life and it comes to wireless Bluetooth earbuds that I have been able to test. These are the complete champions when it comes to battery life and they definitely nailed it.

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