Haylou GT1 VS Airpods Pro

I’ll be using CA scoring method 2.0 for Haylou GT1 VS Airpods Pro. I am getting right into the packaging of the headphones. Haylou GT1 and Airpods Pro both come in small little boxes. They both have images of the headphones on the front of their boxes. The GT1 definitely have more colorful packaging.

On the sides for the GT1, they have some specs for the product, but they’re in a different language. So yeah, the AirPods Pro has Apple logos and the name on the top for the back. On the GT1, they have more information. And some of it’s even in English. For the AirPods, you get an image of the headphones on the back, removing a little cover paper.


For the Haylou GT1 headphones, you get a box, then opening that you get to the headphones. For the AirPods Pro, you remove the lid, then you get “designed by Apple in California”, after that, you get the headphones.  

For the Haylou GT1 wireless earbuds, after you removed the headphones, there’s a manual and a warranty card. Then after that you get a cable and extra ear tips.

The AirPods Pro you get extra ear tips and a charger.


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Charging Case: Haylou GT1 VS Airpods Pro

Now for the design of the cases, they both come in pretty different cases, but they’re pretty similar when it comes to size. The GT1 earbuds in the hand definitely feel much cheaper, but for the price, I definitely have seen worse. One thing the GT1 have better than the AirPods Pro is you can get them in two colors, white and black.


They have their logo on the top of the case. The AirPods have a slightly different design for the case. It’s just like a flattened out version of the GT1 kind of, but they’re the same size length wise.

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The GT1 wireless headphones use micro USB to charge where the AirPods Pro uses lightning cable. The GT1 stayed down with magnet just like the AirPods, but I would definitely say the lid on the AirPods feels much higher quality.

One of the main things I look for in a case for wireless earbuds is does it easily fit in your pocket? And both of them pass this test.

Design: Haylou GT1 VS Airpods Pro

Haylou GT1 VS Airpods Pro

Now for the design of the earbuds holding the two side by side, the AirPods Pro definitely feel higher quality. Their plastic just seems sturdier and just better. Now the AirPods have all sorts of grills and ear sensors all over the headphone, but for the Haylou GT1, I would just have a very simple design bud.

It’s just like a jelly bean shaped body with a STEM at the end of it. For me personally, they fit really well in the ear. They have two conductor metal parts on the underside and the side indicator there is also a little LED below the plastic, but only appears really when you put it in the case and remove it from the case.

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But after those initial things, it will just turn off automatically. The AirPods Pro have that infamous STEM where they have their touch functions with a Haptic on the side. On the GT1, you just tap the side and the touch functions do their thing. One thing I will say is they can be a little unreliable.

They both do come with exchangeable ear tips so you can adjust your fit.

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Price: Haylou GT1 VS Airpods Pro

Now for the price of the two, if you haven’t guessed yet, these Haylou GT1 are very affordable. You can get them for around $30 very cheap. For the AirPods Pro, on the other hand, they go for $235.

Audio Quality: Haylou GT1 VS Airpods Pro

Now for the audio quality after listening to the two side by side for a while this is my conclusion. I’m surprised at how similar they sounded. The AirPods Pro are costing so much more. There really wasn’t that large of a difference to me. The AirPods Pro was a bit punchier and the bass and the vocals, but the sound is very comparable for me. I was surprised at how little the difference was.

Battery Life: Haylou GT1 VS Airpods Pro

Now for the battery life of the two, the AirPod Pro can get around four to five hours of audio playback with an additional 24 hours with a case. For the Haylou GT1, you can get three hours of audio back with an additional nine hours with the case.

Cool Features Of Airpods Pro And Haylou GT1

This area is pretty much where the AirPods Pro has killed the GT1. The AirPods just have tons of convenient features that the GT1 just doesn’t, they have ear sensors that pause the music when you take them out of your ears. They have Siri support.

They have wireless charging. They have noise cancellation and ambient mode. Now, the GT1 doesn’t have any of those features, but what it does have is automatic pairing. It does have somewhat of noise cancellation due to the seal that it makes around where you stick it in your ear, it goes in your ear canal and it shuts off most of the noise.

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They have touch functions and the touch functions are single tap to play, pause and double tap to skip songs. Triple tap to go to previous songs. The AirPods are single squeeze to play, pause, double squeeze to skip the song and triple squeezes go the previous song and squeeze and hold to switch between ambience and noise cancellation.

Verdict: Haylou GT1 VS Airpods Pro

All right, so this is my personal opinion about these headphones. Personally, I do like these Haylou GT1. They’re pretty good. They’re really cheap. They sound pretty good. They connect right away. They have a good case that fits nicely in your pocket.

Overall, I really liked these AirPods. You know, everybody knows them. They’re really great. But I really do think that these did kind of compete with the AirPods. Not in like the features or anything, but in a lot of ways it did compete mainly like the audio quality. Just cause like that’s one of the biggest deals and they actually competed in that area. So, I would recommend buying Haylou GT1 just because they are cheap and have incredible sound quality.

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