Best Fitness Tracker 2020-Definitive Guide

Through extensive research and testing, I’ve put together a list of best fitness tracker 2020 that will meet the needs of different types of buyers. So whether it’s price, performance or its particular use, we’ve got you covered.

Fitness trackers are increasingly becoming top gadgets in our daily lives. For Fitness lovers, it is impossible to go with your fitness routine without having a best fitness tracker in 2020. More and more fitness enthusiasts are buying these fitness trackers so that they could track their workout, running, biking and much more.


Also, it is really difficult to find best fitness tracker 2020 especially when so many options are available in market. So, we have narrowed down our list of 5 best fitness tackers in 2020.

  1. Fitbit Charge 3
  2. Apple Watch Series 5
  3. Samsung Galaxy Fit
  4. Fitbit Inspire HR
  5. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 best fitness tracker 2020

Fitbit Charge 3 is our pick for the best overall fitness tracker. It’s available at around $119. More refined than the Fitbit Charge 2, the Charge 3 is one of the company’s most accomplished devices.

It isn’t a drastic change over its predecessor, but it has enough small tweaks to make it one of the best everyday fitness trackers that you can buy, thanks to a sharper screen, longer battery life, new sensors, a swim safe build, and more informative phone notifications.


The Fitbit best fitness tracker 2020 features just enough changes to remain the best everyday fitness tracker for casual users. It also has a more lightweight design than the last generation and looks better on your wrist. You can track GPS by pairing your phone with the tracker too.

In terms of fitness tracking capabilities, Fitbit Charge 3 tracks deep and light sleep steps, distance and calories, syncs quickly and reliably and is acceptably accurate and reliable heart rate reader, even during intense exercise.

Fitbit Charge 3 best fitness tracker 2020 can auto detect various common types of exercise function as a running and cycling watch, and it’ll give you an overall fitness score.


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All these metrics can be viewed in the Fitbit app, which still has the best app interface for health and wellness tracking. If you enjoyed the whole Fitbit app and experience and Fitbit’s fantastic sleep tracking, you want to opt for this as it’s one of the company’s best fitness trackers ever.

Some of the pros for Fitbit Charge 3 include sharp, responsive screen, lightweight design, accurate fitness tracking, and excellent app.

A con for this product is the screen is black and white. However, it still offers a crisp display to view the time and your metrics. Plus, it’s very responsive touchscreen. The Fitbit charge 3 is the best all round fitness tracker for casual users, since it offers a lot of insight into your overall health and activity all at a reasonable price.

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Apple Watch Series 5

Apple best fitness tracker 2020

Apple Watch Series 5 is our pick for the best Apple fitness tracker. It’s priced at around $400 for iPhone owners who have the money to spend.

There’s no question that the Apple watch series 5 is the best full featured fitness tracker and smartwatch available. Best Apple fitness tracker 2020 doesn’t feature any drastic changes, but an always-on display makes the best smartwatch you can buy even better.

The Apple watch is truly a product of iteration. Every year it gets better just enough to stay ahead of the competition.

In addition to a new processor, the series 5 comes with the compass app and an international emergency calling feature and watch OS6 brings new absolute cycle tracking for women and annoys app that measures sound exposure.

These are already great additions, but the most transformative feature iOS best fitness tracker 2020 offers is an always-on display, so you can see the time, workout stats and other information at a glance.

The rest of the experience remains the same, but these changes are enough to keep Apple ahead of the market as well as it delivers plenty of functionality, but it’s more fitness oriented features include GPS tracking and Altimeter that records changes in altitude and on-board heart rate monitoring.

This best fitness tracker 2020 is also waterproof, down to 50 meters offering support for a vast number of workout types and even reminds you to stand after periods of inactivity, throw in Bluetooth connectivity with wireless headphones and greatly improved series support, and you have a smart watch that’s largely above just about anything else on the market.

Some of the pros for Apple Watch Series 5 include always-on display, smooth performance, excellent fitness tracking and accurate heart rate monitor. A con for this product is the expensive price. However, this is the best combination between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker, and it’s what you’d expect from Apple.

The Apple watch series 5 is the perfect fitness tracker for those who already live in Apple’s ecosystem. Since this is just another extension of that platform offering versatility and convenience in a stylish wearable.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit

Galaxy best fitness tracker 2020

Samsung Galaxy Fit is our pick for the best Android best fitness tracker 2020. It’s available at around $80. The Samsung galaxy fit nails the basics, making it an outstanding choice for the casual athlete looking for a reliable fitness tracker.

Samsung best fitness tracker 2020 is a sleek, accurate fitness tracker with a lovely display, simple interface, long battery life, and a surprisingly affordable price.

The first thing you notice is the vivid and colorful point 95 inch, AMOLED display. It’s a compact screen and the use of colors in the gorilla glass and case screen makes Samsung Galaxy Fit easy to see the metrics while you’re exercising. It has a touchscreen interface that is responsive and easy to navigate.

Samsung Galaxy Fit’s sleek streamlined design is easy on the eyes and versatile enough to wear both in and out of the gym. In addition to being water resistant to 50 meters and compliant with military level durability standards, this device is built for endless activity tracking.

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Galaxy Fit has the convenience of automatic activity tracking for six workouts such as walking, running, cycling, elliptical training, rowing, and dynamic workouts.

Samsung Galaxy Fit allows you to start exercising without having to fuss with the watch, and it shows your data like distance, pace, and elapsed time. You can also use the Samsung health mobile app to manually select from over 90 workouts, 10 of which can be customized and set as preferred activities.

Galaxy best fitness tracker 2020 will also monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns and stress levels, plus the inactivity reminders that gently remind you to get out of your chair and spend some time moving are appreciated.

Some of the pros for best fitness tracker 2020 include reasonable price, sleek design, intuitive interface, and endless activity. Tracking con for this product is it lacks GPS. However, best android fitness tracker 2020 fitness tracking capabilities are hard to pass up.

The Samsung galaxy fit is not only the best fitness tracker for Android users, it’s also one of the best values and a fitness wearable with all its features.

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Fitbit Inspire HR

Inspire HR best fitness tracker 2020

Fitbit inspire HR is our pick for the best value fitness tracker. It’s priced at around $80. The easy to use Fitbit inspire HR best fitness tracker 2020 packs all the basic features you need to monitor your health and exercise for an affordable price.

Fitbit Inspire HR isn’t the most capable fitness tracker in our best of list, but it does a lot considering it’s price, and you’ll get access to all of Fitbit’s top end services.

Unsurprisingly, Inspire HR best fitness tracker 2020 offers a heart rate tracker alongside a variety of other fitness tracking capabilities. It can track step count distance and basic sleep metrics.

Fitbit Inspire HR can even give you detailed insight on your health and fitness, in addition to continue as heart rate monitoring. It tracks sleep stages such as REM deep and light sleep measures, your cardio fitness levels and includes 15 plus exercise modes.

For under $100 Fitbit Inspire HR provides accurate fitness tracking, smartphone notifications, and up to five days of battery life in a stylish swim proof design. Plus the tracker features a slimmer and more comfortable design than a lot of other trackers you can buy. So if you’re after a Fitbit that won’t be heavy on your wrist, you may want to consider this as your next fitness band.

Fitbit Inspire HR is also so compact and lightweight. You’re likely to forget you’re wearing it. The Fitbit tracker band is also stylish and easy to switch when you feel like changing it up as well as it’s very simple to use. You swipe up to see additional stats, use the single button to return to the home screen and swipe down when you’re ready to start exercising.

Some of the pros for this best fitness tracker 2020 include accurate fitness tracking, stylish, lightweight design, lots of functionality and excellent app.

A con for this product is no advanced features such as swim tracking or contactless payments. However, that’s understandable considering the low price point.

The Fitbit inspire HR fitness tracker offers great value with its accurate activity tracking and attractive lightweight design.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi best fitness tracker 2020

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is our pick for the best budget fitness tracker. It’s available at around $35. When you want to be able to cover your bases with your best fitness tracker 2020 without breaking the bank in the process, you’ll love the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 because it delivers fantastic value and features.

It’s a run of the mill affordable fitness tracker, and then it has a slim line design, a small color screen, and a selection of workouts to track. The upgrades it has over its predecessor include a color OLED display with significantly improved outdoor viewability and a higher resolution.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 also has an extended 20 day battery life and it has improved tracking, making it an easy fitness gadget to recommend covering the basics and delivering some flourishes as well.

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This Best Fitness tracker 2020 offers a satisfying list of tracking abilities and other features that are hard to find at this price point. You’ll be able to choose from up to six workout modes, which include running, treadmill running, cycling, walking, pool swimming, and a general exercise workout mode.

The swim tracking is on point too, with the ability to recognize swim styles such as freestyle, butterflier, and backstroke.

Xiaomi best fitness tracker 2020 also records other datasets like swimming, pace and stroke count. Along with that, you have sleep tracking and all day heart rate monitoring. It might not be a smartwatch, but at this price point, it’s difficult to complain about this powerful little tracker.

Plus it’s Android and iOS compatible. Some of the pros for best fitness tracker 2020 include cheap price, crisp color screen, improved activity tracking and long battery life.

A con for this product is no built in GPS. However, you can still connect the GPS on your phone to the fitness tracker. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is a wonderful fitness tracker for fitness buffs on a budget with its extended battery life, useful heart rate monitor and activity tracker and easy to view screen.

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