Apple Watch Sleep Tracker With AI Sleep Tracker

In all these intelligent tools, features, AI, all of the helps bring a heightened sense of awareness to your sleep activity. What’s your sleep quality is like and what you could do to improve your sleep.

I’m a huge Apple watch guy, but if there’s one thing I love more than the Apple watch, it’s a good night sleep. Luckily, I get to have both for a while now. I’ve actually been able to improve my sleep through best Apple Watch sleep tracker.


Yes, you can track your sleep on the Apple watch. Just when you think the Apple watch can’t do anything else. You get one more feature.

We will be reviewing Pillow best Apple watch sleep tracker. Pillow is hands down my favorite sleep tracking app for the Apple watch. And I’m going to tell you guys why I personally been using this best apple watch sleep tracker for probably close to around a year.

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Now I can honestly say I’ve used it pretty much every single night. Pillow is an advanced sleep tracking app available both on your iPhone and your Apple watch that does a remarkable job, but actually tracks your sleep and provides you with a sleep quality score.


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In addition to that, we also get a smart alarm feature built into the Pillow app. Smart alarm clock that actually wakes you up at the best possible time in the morning. So best sleep tracker apple watch does all of that.

Let’s talk about one of my personal favorite features of the pillow app.


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Sleep Quality Score

Apple watch sleep tracking

I gotta admit the sleep quality score that pillow provides me with in the morning is kind of scarily accurate. For example, I know for a fact that if I get below 70% sleep quality in the pillow app then next day you might as well just count me out for the count. I’m going to be lethargic probably not going to get anything done.

On the opposite of that, if I get anything 80% and above, there is a pretty good chance on that day I’m going to be taking over the world.

How Pillow Tracks Your Sleep?

Apple watch sleep tracking

Now, how pillow actually tracks your sleep and provide you with a sleep quality score is through your Apple watch motion throughout the night, in addition to your heart rate sensor paired up with iPhone sound recordings, and that makes sense.

Naturally, the more you move, the more you toss and turn, the higher your heart rate, the more sound you make. Pillow analyzes all those different data points to actually come up with a sleep quality score. Best Apple watch sleep tracker lets you know how you’re doing with your sleep cycles. Then in addition to that, like we said before, Pillow will actually also use that day that actually wake you up in the morning.

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When is the best possible time to wake you up? I don’t know about you, but for me personally, getting woken up in a deep sleep is enough to ruin my entire day. This is absolutely horrible feeling.

It completely throws off my morning, but with Pillow, that is actually no longer an issue because with sleep tracking apple watch, like I said before, you can actually set a smart alarm, which means you actually set up a wake up window anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. A timeframe within which pillow actually wake you up

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A time when is actually the best time to wake you up and pillow because it’s actually tracking your sleep throughout the night. You can analyze your sleep cycles pretty much know what sleep cycle in and then wake you up during your smart alarm clock window.

When you’re in your lightest sleep possible so you’re not startled out of a deep sleep getting jolted awake, and therefore, hopefully starting your morning off on a better note.

So therefore, I’m not disturbed out of my restful slumber, and I’m only woken up when I’m in my lightest sleep.

Now we could start a day out on the right note, fully charged, fully rested, not sleep deprived, ready to go. On top of all that, you do have a smart snooze option in best Apple watch sleep tracker app, which actually allows you to snooze your alarm going off on your Apple watch.

What does a smart snooze option cause? Best Apple watch sleep tracker can actually determine when you’re about to slip back into a deep sleep after pressing that snooze button for like the 56 time and preventing you from actually falling into that deep sleep.

Once again, sounding off your alarm, and I love all this because it’s all about waking up on the right note, getting your day started off right?

You don’t want to be walking out of a deep sleep. You don’t want to be clueless as to the kind of sleep quality you’re getting, and maybe you want to be able to hit that snooze button a few times without being afraid of falling back into a deep sleep.

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For these reasons in particular, this is why I personally use this best sleep app for Apple watch every single night. And pretty much waking up most mornings, feeling better rested, not being jolted out of deep sleep, and overall feeling more energetic throughout the day.

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In all this is within the pillow app. You could start it up by opening it up on your iPhone. You’ll immediately see the time you’d like to set your alarm for with how many hours of sleep that alarm time will actually yield. Again, based on your smart wake-up settings, your actual wake-up time will be in that window you personally set based on the sleep cycles that Pillow has been tracking throughout the night to wake up feeling better.

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From there, you could also swipe up quickly from the bottom of the, you have to see the different modes available within the best Apple watch sleep tracker.

You’ll quickly notice you have a full mode, which includes motion tracking, sound recording and the alarm option. You also have other modes such as just motion tracking and the alarm or motion tracking with no alarm or emotion tracking and sound recording with no alarm.

And for those of us who still don’t get enough sleep per night, probably myself included, there’s even a recovery nap and full cycle nap mode that actually allows you to take a nap intelligently. Once again, based on sleep cycles that can help improve your focus, recharge you, re-energize you, whatever your needs are, to once again, intelligently sleep and take full advantage of your time while sleeping.

Once you have that set up on the iPhone app, it’s as simple as opening up the Apple watch app and clicking the big purple button that says start, which is another thing I love about Pillow, by the way. I love how visually pleasing Apple watch sleep tracking is.

I’m absolutely in love with the purple theme. Pillow will begin analyzing your sleep throughout the night using that data to present you with a sleep quality score and wake you up at the best possible time within your smart alarm window in the morning.

Speaking of which in the morning when your alarm is ready to go off, when Pillow apple sleep tracker is ready to wake you up in the lightest sleep possible. You will hear the alarm go off on your phone, which you actually have full control over on your Apple watch.

You could either stop the alarm or hit that snooze button right on your Apple watch, and once you do fully wake up and stop the alarm, that’s when you’re actually presented with your full Apple watch sleep tracking data.  

It could actually check out your iPhone for even more in depth details about your sleeping data, both of which are immensely helpful at immediately analyzing your sleep from the night before and figuring out what might be going right or wrong with your sleep.

Now also within the iPhone best sleep tracker app, you can actually see a cool neon color themed representation of your different sleep cycles throughout the night from the night prior, including your heart rate tracking, your percentage of different sleep cycles and how long you were asleep versus your time in bed.

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All of this is just a really cool in depth look at something as simple as sleeping. Something we take for granted so much. But with our spending, third of our lives in bed, it makes sense that you’re going to want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of that time in your bed.

 Make sure you’re sleeping intelligently, because if sleeping is something we have to do as humans anyway, why not utilize technology to see what’s going on while we’re asleep and make sure we’re doing all we can to actually take full advantage of our sleep cycles.

By sleeping intelligently, you know what I mean? And you’d think with all this Apple watch sleep tracking going on while you sleep, that it would drain the battery of the Apple watch, right? Actually, no, that is not the case at all.

Pillow best Apple watch sleep tracker use of the battery is almost seamless. Now I’ve use other sleep tracking apps on the Apple watch that were debilitating on the Apple watch.

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Sometimes my alarm wouldn’t even go off in the morning because the battery died mid sleep. I have not once had that happened with Pillow. Pillow seems to utilize the battery very efficiently. In fact, it’s almost like I wasn’t even running an app the entire night before on the Apple watch. That’s how good Pillow is at utilizing the battery.

Now, Pillow isn’t the only third party Apple watch sleep tracking app available, but I did try several others and I immediately went back to the Pillow sleep tracking app Apple watch because what I think really sets it apart is the AI Pillow app.

Apple watch sleep tracking

Pillow sleep tracker will actually usees sleep analysis in detection algorithm that learns and improves as you record more sessions to help provide you with an even more accurate analysis and helpful insight to your sleep.

Pillow AI sleep tracker just takes sleep tracking to a whole new level in a cool, visually pleasing, intuitive and seamless way. And even though it’s not automatically tracking like some other apps actually offer, my alarm is usually a little bit different every morning anyway, depending on my schedule ahead of me.

So I don’t personally mind the process of actually starting a Pillow every night, setting my alarm manually every night. And even then, it only takes like 5 to 10 seconds, so not a big deal.

It’s not going to take you guys long to realize why I love Pillow AI sleep tracker so much to why it is my favorite Apple watch sleep tracking app. Without a doubt it is on my list of must have apps for the Apple watch.

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Are you getting above 90% sleep quality score? If you are, I’m extremely jealous. Let me know your tips come and your thoughts about the pillow app best Apple watch sleep tracker in the comment section below.

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