Best tactical smartwatch 2020 contains features especially designed for military missions, snow surfing, waterboarding and GPS abilities well beyond any ordinary smartwatch.

These are the top 3 tactical smartwatches out there;

Suunto Traverse Alpha

tactical smartwatch

The Sunnto Traverse Alpha introduces automatic shock detection for an entirely new way to record your hunt. Using Suunto’s online mapping platform, you can accurately track shots and weight points for your next outing. The tactical smartwatch is fitted with sunrise and sunset alerts, a moon face calendar and point of interest markers specific to hunting and fishing.

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Integrated GPS GlONASS route navigation, the barometer pressure graph and storm alarms will help you follow weather changes on the mood. With the Suunto traverse alpha, you have the most advanced tactical watch for hunters and anglers inspiring and equipping to conquer new territory.

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The Mission

tactical smartwatch

The Mission focus has always been to do the never been done. So this best tactical smartwatch 2020 looked at the concept, The Mission manufacturer knew it had some interesting technologies to work with, and the company said what would be unique to the The Mission consumer and what would be a unique point of view that company could take?  The company had an idea to create a four wheel drive or an altering vehicle for the wrist, and that’s where the idea of the mission was born.

The Mission wanted to build a product that you could get outside and explore the surfing and snowboarding and really be able to take this smart tactical smartwatch with you anywhere you go.

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Emergency by Breitling

tactical smartwatch

A masterpiece of high tech miniaturization, a new survival instrument for all distressed situations on land at sea, and in the air.

In 1995 Breitling distinguished itself in the Vanguard of electronics by launching the first watch with a built in emergency and micro transmitter operating on the 121.5 megahertz air distress frequency. This Emergency ultimate tactical smartwatch has served to save many lives and it remains an exceptional instrument for locating and rescuing people in danger.

Breitling now accomplishes a new and unprecedented technological feat by presenting the first wrist type, dual frequency distress beacon, and thus worn at all times. Belonging to the PLB personal locator beacon category, The Emergency 2 is equipped with a transmitter compliant with the specifications of the COSPAS SARSAT international satellite alert system.

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The 406 megahertz digital frequency makes tactical watch possible to launch an alert from anywhere in the world via the network of satellites in low altitude, earth orbit and in geo stationary or geoscience.

The 121.5 megahertz analog frequency is used to guide search and rescue missions, whether these are maritime aeronautical or land born operations. The emergency tool is the result of five full years of development and calls for Avant Garde solutions that have contributed to the advancement of microelectronics and micro technical engineer.

The dual frequency transmitter, specially designed for this model sets a new record. In terms of miniaturization and lays a new benchmark, well beyond the sphere of smartwatch.

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