5 Best Airpods Super Copy Earbuds Right Now!

A couple of weeks ago, I did a review of Airpords 2 and I felt that they were not great ear buds and it’s not really a price problem as there are more expensive options. My main complaint is that they weren’t really magical after you paired them. They barely fit, have zero noise cancellation. Aren’t really certified for any sort of water resistance, and we’re really only good for phone calls and their minimalistic case.

So I asked you if you wanted to read an article of good Airpods super copy that we’d recommend, and we’ve tried, and a lot of you said, yes.


All 5 Airpods super copy earbuds that I’m about to mention, beat AirPods when it comes to the fit. I seriously don’t understand how Apple can get something so elemental wrong. But then again, an Apple’s defence:  none of these companies can compete with Apple when it comes to the case. Seriously, this is something that Apple gets right.

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So, these are five best Airpods copy earbuds;

  1. TicPods Free Wireless Eabuds
  2. Aukey True Wireless Earbuds
  3. Samsung Galaxy Buds
  4. Jabra Elite 65t
  5. Earin M2 Earbuds

TicPods Free Wireless Eabuds

Airpods Super Copy

Let’s begin with the TicPods, which are priced at $99. TicPods best Airpods super copy are made by a company called Mobvoi, which is famous for the TicWatch. Yes, they look like AirPod revolves, so there’s that, but at least you get more color options.

You also get cushions in the tips to address what Apple can’t figure out. They sound good, but out of all five, I’d say that TicPods sound the weakest. They are IPX5 water resistant, have capacitive touch controls for interaction and also for the voice assistant. The cases, not large, but not small, but sadly it charges through micro USB.

Battery life goes for four hours on a single charge which can go up to 18 hours with the case. Again, not my favorite option, but for those of you looking for devices that look like AirPods, this is the way to go.


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Aukey True Wireless Earbuds

Airpods Super Copy

Aukey True wireless earbuds retail for around $109. This Airpods super copy sound significantly better than the TicPods and have design that I’d worry less about falling off your ear thanks to the wings, they have capacitive buttons for controls, IPX5 water resistant, and I actually call Aukey wireless earbuds some of the most modern because they are Bluetooth 5.0 which is still hard to find today.

This means you get better battery life of up to seven hours because each ear bud connects independently as long as your phone supports it. The case also has a swivel design that’s unique. It’s USBC, and best of all, it’s compatible for wireless charging and it can provide an extra 17 hours of battery life.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds

Airpods Super Copy Earbuds

Let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy buds, which retail for $129 and I really want to understand why these are so affordable. I mean, these Airpods super copy earbuds look and sound like higher end earbuds. If you have a galaxy phone, the magical pairing process of iPhones and AirPods is mimic to the Galaxy buds.

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These are also Bluetooth 5.0.  Samsung Galaxy buds provide battery life of up to six hours per charge and an extra charge in the case. They are also IPX2 meaning they are slash proof. The cases of Samsung buds are one of my favorites, because it also supports the wireless charging. It connects through USB-C and it’s one of the smallest of the bunch.

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Jabra Elite 65t

Airpods Super Copy Earbuds

Now, the ones that I’ve actually used most are the Jabra Elite 65t, which costs $169 those of you asking me, which are the earbuds that I use for running and fitness activities, those are actually the active variants of these which retail for $20 more. One of the main reasons why i choose this Airpods super copy is because I feel that they’re the most complete.

First- their sound is fantastic. I like that they’re designed, doesn’t require wings to fit, and the mini boom design helps with phone calls. We’re talking for microphones full controls through four physical buttons for not just music controls, but also volume. We have Bluetooth 5.0, IP 55 water resistance, and you get five hours of battery life per charge, the cases one of the smallest of the bunch and provide an extra 15 hours of a charge.

I have to warn you that to open the case of Jabra Elite 65t, the first time is a learning curve and it charges through micro USB, sadly. But then one of the great advantages of Jabra products as they offer an extended warranty, by default, you don’t have to pay for it of up to two or depending on the product up to three years, I believe, where you get full replacements of your products if you have any issues with them.

So far, I haven’t had any to require a placement that’s actually cool to have. And then last but not least.

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Earin M2 Earbuds

Airpods Super Copy Earbuds

Let’s talk about the Earin M2 Earbuds which are the most expensive retail for $250 though you can currently find them for around $199 . Earin Airpods best copy earbuds are really cool for a few neat tricks. They are the smallest of the bunch and they allow you to swap earbuds from one year to the next.

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Sound is great. Controls are capacitive though they are Bluetooth 4.2. We’re talking a four hours of battery life on a charge and up to 14 hours on its case, which is rather unique. Sadly, I don’t see any water resistance on the specs. It’s also a very beautiful case that can fit in your pocket without being too intrusive.

Probably my problem with Earin M2 Earbuds is their complexity as each earbud connects independently, even if on Bluetooth 4.2 so they require the app for certain controls and the pairing process is a story for another article. Still, those of you looking for a minimalistic design, this is probably the way to go.

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Which Airpods Super Copy You Actually Should Buy?

To conclude, it’s really hard for me to tell you that one is better than the other because there are so many different price points that I don’t necessarily feel that they compete against each other. They all serve different purposes and do really well and specific scenarios. So, for those of you that is, for example, looking for earbuds that are good for your commute and standard use.

I feel that the Aukey wireless earbuds would be the better option because I feel that you’re getting the better bang for your buck.

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 Now, for those of you that are looking for a good fitness Airpods super copy, I would choose the galaxy buds as a close second.

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Those of you that are looking for a device that’s actually good when it comes to the best audio quality, the best overall experience , I would recommend Jabra Elite 65t.

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Let us know which Airpods super copy you would pick in the comments down below.

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