8 Best Airpods Case In 2020

So what’s the best way to protect your Apple AirPods case, or what? I like to call this the oversized Apple Chiclet. It’s going to be catalyst waterproof AirPods case.

If you’re looking for best Airpods case with a bit more pop then definitely check out the Casetify Neon Sleeves.


And if you absolutely need something with some leather in it then iCarer is really the only AirPods case I could stomach using it for more than a day.

When it comes to airpods, I’ve grown quite fond of the process of actually opening the case. The flip of the cap is something I’ve really grown to appreciate, especially after using a ton of other Bluetooth headphones, which have terrible caps.

This tactile feedback from the cap is kind of similar for my appreciation for iPhone cases when it comes to iPhone buttons.


These are top 8 best Airpods cases in the market right now!

  1. Fintie Leather Airpods Case
  2. Spigen Valentinus Airpods Case
  3. iCarer Airpods Case
  4. Nomad Leather Original Leather Case
  5. Catalyst Waterproof Case
  6. KeyBudz
  7. Elago A2 Duo Case
  8. Casetify Airpods Case

Fintie Leather Airpods Case

airpods case

The pros for Fintie leather pouch case product is that you can clip it somewhere and it comes to the key chain loop. The cons is that Fintie leather pouch case is annoying to use. The designs are hideous and kind of look cheap while it is cheap. So in our grouping of Blackberry waste holder inspired holders for the Apple AirPods, we preferred the Fintie.

Why? Solely because this best Airpods case comes with the key chain loop. Now, if you ever need a spare key chain loop, just remember that you’ve got the Fintie. Extra key chain loop doesn’t actually provide you with any value for this product. Why? Because you can’t replace the spring snap hook with the key chain loops.


So there’s literally no reason to that piece being there. Now, if you could get past that useless thing or you feel like you don’t need the looping, you’ll take it off. You’ll realize that the Fintie AirPods case actually isn’t very functional either. You can’t fully open the AirPods case, which means removing and adding your AirPods, the actual buds to the charge case is going to be annoying.

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That’s right. The only thing that Fintie Airpods case had to do is to make sure that you can actually get to your actual EarPods with relative ease, and that product has failed to accomplish that. At least with the Fintie the fit of the product isn’t so tight, like the speed in one that if you press the cap hard enough, you’ll actually lift the charge case out of the Fintie, which kind of helps with the access.

Then you can open up the cabinet fully, but I’m actually not sure if that’s what Fintie intended.

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Spigen Valentinus Airpods Case

 Airpods Case

Spigen Valentinus pros are that there’s a clip. Cons is that’s, well, this best Airpods case is just a terrible product to use. It’s clunky and at the end of the day, it’s so expensive. It’s actually the most expensive airpods case on this list.

So if you think I was a little too harsh with the Fintie Airpod case, while you’re in for a treat, when it comes to the speaking Valentinus, and by treat, I mean I’m not going to waste any time talking about this overpriced piece of garbage because every issue I had with the Fintie I have with the speaking product, except for the fact that including on top of whatever issues I had, I had to pay $30 for this piece of crack.

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iCarer Airpods Case

 Airpods Case

The pros with this are that it fits better than the Nomad from my perspective, and it’s the best leather case in our Roundup. The cons is that the airpod charge case will slide in and out of the case when you open the case and the lid isn’t as tight fitting as other products.

Now if you’re looking for a non-silicone non-belt holster style case,  ICarer is going to be your best bet, but that’s really not saying much because the only competition that this product actually has is actually the Nomad  Airpods case.

It’s a bit of an enigma because I’m not sure if the case was purposely designed to lift the AirPods charging case out of the actual case by about a quarter of an inch. Now, it’s a neat movement, but it kind of takes away from the snap of the cap again. I really liked that pop that snapped. I took my best AirPods case.

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I’m pressing too hard on the cap. Also dislodges the AirPod cap from the iCarer which I guess gets annoying after a while and because the charge case slides in and out of the iCarer, turning it upside down wound resulting  in your $200 AirPods falling out easily.

Now, the design of their iCarer also ensures that you can’t fully open your AirPods case, which means place in the buds in and out of the charge case gets annoying over time.

Sometimes the cap gets in the way, sometimes it doesn’t. There’s kind of no reason to it. Now, last downside when it comes to being a leather product is the fact that the leather won’t develop a lot of patina. Given that it’s, well, not real leather, which definitely isn’t the case for the nomad case because the patina on this thing is actually pretty cool.

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Nomad Leather Original Leather Case

 Airpods Case

The pros are that Nomad leather Airpods case is made from real leather. The cons is that the cap falls off easily and it’s actually pretty expensive.

Now, when it comes to Nomad best Airpods case, I’m a big fan of their wallet cases. They’re rugged folio is actually one of my favorite leather wallet cases for the iPhone. With the AirPods case, the thing that bothers me the most is that the cap comes off easily.

And the kicker with the cap coming off really easy is the case itself is homes $30 which makes it one of the most expensive products on this list. And like other products with removable caps, nomad leather case only includes one.

The nomad case does keep the tactile response of the naked Airpods case. I do like the feel of the leather on the case, and as I mentioned before, the patina on the case is going to start showing up the moment you start using it, which means it’s going to look pretty awesome over time.

But honestly, that cap, if nomad figure out a way to keep the cap on. I would go above and beyond in terms of air pod cases and recommend that product, but the fact that I can just easily pop the cap off just . It’s just bad design in my opinion. Another problem with this airpods case is that the size of the cap isn’t the same thickness as the rest of the body.

And so you’ve got this amazingly smooth piece of plastic known as the Airpods charge cancelling. Put cap on top of it, and it’s not the same size.

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Catalyst Waterproof Case

 Airpods Case

 The pros that it has a clip, it’s waterproof, it’s shockproof, it’s going to be one of the toughest cases in this entire list, and there is a bunch of colors that you can choose from.

The cons are that it takes an extra step to access your AirPods. Now, the catalyst AirPods case is actually one of the very first Airpord cases that I got back in early 2017.

Now, out of all the Airpods cases on this list, the catalyst best AirPod case is the only waterproof airpods case. Now this may seem like an extraneous case feature but if you hang your AirPods outside of your laptop bag, you don’t have to worry about losing them or breaking them or getting them wet, which is pretty handy from my perspective.

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The lightning pod is sealed and the back of the case has a mark for the sync button. Now, the only downside of the catalyst AirPods case is that the access to the AirPods requires you to appeal the case like banana. It’s something you have to get used to and it’s just an extra step.

I can suffer through it. I’m assuming that you will be able to as well, and I’m pretty picky when it comes to stuff like that.

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 Airpods Case

Pros are that KeyBudz fits the AirPods quite tightly. There are a lot of different colors and it offers above average dust protection for your pod. The cons is that the cap doesn’t fully open and the extra piece on the back of the case feels an extra piece of stuff on your airpods case.

The biggest difference when it comes to the KeyBudz AirPods case when compared to other silicone cases is that it’s one piece. You’re not going to lose the cap unless you lose everything. Other cases don’t have this feature or lightning pod cover for that matter. So I’m assuming that feature is going to be useful for some people, not having the cap come off your case, which is unlike nomad case.

But personally, I think having a piece of VECO Silicon jetting out the back of my AirPods kind of just takes away from the smooth Chiclet design of the airports in general. And as I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t allow you to fully open your AirPods case. So yeah, that’s just terrible.

Again, the only thing KeyBuds best Airpods case had to do was to let you open your case like there was nothing there. It absolutely fails in that regard.

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Elago A2 Duo Case

 Airpods Case

The pros are that there are two color caps per case, I guess, and there are a lot of different colors to choose from. The cons are that this thing is a thicker product and it kind of gets in the way of the cap opening just a tiny bit.

Elago A3 Duo Airpods case is decent for around 10 bucks. You get two different colored caps, which helps you break up the monotony of a single colored case. The silicone on A2 duo case is thicker than other silicone cases, so it’s going to offer a bit more protection when it comes to drops.

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Now my only gripe with the thicker silicone when it comes to this Elago best Airpods case is the fact that it does get in the way with the cap just by a little bit. Elago A2 Airpods case almost feels like it’s not there, but there is something there. It’s just so close.

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Casetify Airpods Case

With the pros of this product is that there’s lots of different colors, which means there can be lots of different color combinations. The silicone sleeves are thin, which means it won’t add a lot of bulk to your AirPods charging case. The cons are that because it’s not as thick, it doesn’t offer as much protection.

Is that really going to matter? I haven’t dropped my AirPods. I don’t think I’ve ever dropped my AirPods charging case, but that’s just me now. As I was trying to figure out what to say for the case to fight AirPods case, the one thought that kept popping up in my mind was unicorn farts.

In terms of thickness casetify skins are closer to the KeyBudz than in the Elago. Casetify best Airpods cases are available in two colors so you can mix and match your AirPods skin. Now the thin silicone also maintains the field of cap opening, which means it’s the only Silicon sleeve type product that does.

Now, I’m not a splashy person, but I do love these cases by airpod cases because they’re bright and because my air pod cases aren’t always out like my iPhone cases.

The last thing I’ll add is that the Casetify best Airpods case do have a softer feel to them so they don’t have that same pocket pulling power as, and they’re like the catalyst waterproof case does.

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