Samsung Smartwatch Rose Gold Review: Cheaper and Trendiest

Samsung smartwatch rose gold

Samsung smartwatch rose gold has beautiful bezel, one and half day battery life, unlimited customisable watch faces. Having adopted the smartwatch life for the past year, I quickly realized it was the smart features such as notifications and quick replies that I found the most useful. I used galaxy watch at the gym all the … Read more

Best mountain bike watch (Apple, Garmin, FitBit, Polar)

mountain bike watch

As any serious biker knows, mountain bike watch provides highest protection and other suitable features which are required for mountaineering. Although there are many mountain bike watches specifically designed for this purpose in the market, many bikers don’t need them. Today, I will share some of the best mountain bike watches, including Garmin, Fitbit and … Read more

Smartwatch Benefits You All Should Know!

benefits of a smart watch

Unfortunately, those who say that “smart watches are useless” do not understand the smartwatch benefits. There could be two kinds of people reading this article. First type of people consider they waste money and second type of people want to know more about smartwatch benefits before deciding to buy it. I’m pretty sure at the … Read more