Well, lots of ladies and gentlemen asked How do I get Rolex watch face for android wear? And it’s actually not too hard. Sure. You’re going to need an application called Facer and you’re going to need to go online and do a little bit of searching, but trust me, it’s totally worth it after all, it’s a Rolex face right.

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Yeah. The only reason you can’t find this on Google play is because it’s Rolex. Obviously they’re going to copyright the heck out of their stuff and no applications allowed to copy that. Pacifically maybe someday Rolex will come out with its own $10,000 group. I watch faces, but for now we don’t get that luxury.

These are six simple steps to get Rolex watch face for android wear.

  1. Go on your phone and search for Facer watch face app. The Google play link should pop up and it is $1, but it’s totally worth it.
  2. Go into just search in Google facer watch faces on your computer
  3. Go into facerepo.com, you will see a lot of watch faces
  4. Go into watch facer, click around and then click all time. Submit.
  5. Go ahead and simply search Rolex watch face
  6. On your phone, you have a QR scanner. Simply scan that code and it will open you up directly into the Facer application after you’ve downloaded it, and it will automatically have that watch face after that connects your smartwatch from your phone to your smart watch itself via Bluetooth.

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In this way you can get Rolex watch faces for Galaxy watch, Rolex watch faces for Moto 360 and Rolex watch faces for android wear overall.

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