The AirPods pro comes in a little white box with the image of the headphones on the front. Apple seems to have taken a minimalist packaging approach whereas the Raycont take a completely different route for their packaging.

The Raycon E55 packaging is a sea green color. It has the image of the earbuds on the front and all the specs on the front, on the back of the packaging for the AirPods, they have an image of the headphones in the case.

Also for the Raycon E55, they have an image of the headphones in the case on the back of the box. It’s just interesting to see the two completely different ways of packaging. Opening the lid for the AirPods Pro comes off smooth and satisfyingly.

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Raycon E55 earbuds lid stays on via magnets. So they’re both pretty fancy. You get an insert right away when removing both of the tops. For the Raycon E55, they say next wave, the AirPods, they say designed by Apple in California. After those who get the headphones below the Raycon is a fancy metal thing with five different ear tip sizes.

Below that there’s a charger and a little cord to hook onto the case. For the AirPods Pro, there are two more pairs of ear tips and a charging cable.

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Design: Raycon E55 VS Airpods Pro

Now for the design of the case, they both come in pretty small cases. The case for the Raycon earbuds E55 is a bit smaller in length and width wise. But they are taller than the AirPods.

The Raycon earbuds have a matte texture that covers pretty much the whole case. There’s a metal ring in the middle that has a hook on it. The lid for the Raycon E55 is pretty satisfying but I wish it would stay opens a bit better. The AirPods Pro lid stays open better and has a bit more satisfying closing noise.

raycon e55 vs airpods pro

They both have wireless charging. The AirPods Pro use lightning port to charge whereas Raycon earbuds use USB type C.  For me, I’m stuck between the two charging cables. Personally, I prefer the USB-C cable, but I have way more lightening cables. Both of the earbuds stay down with magnets. Now for the design of the earbuds, removing both that earbuds at the same time and looking at the two side by side, they look nothing alike.

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First of all, the AirPods Pro are white and that’s the only color they come in. The Raycon E55 earbuds come in seven different colors. So you get more options with the Raycon earbuds. They both have an interior designed with the Silicon ear tips. The Raycon earbuds E55 kind of seem fat and when you hold them in your hands, but personally, they fit really well in my ears.

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And I think that they fit a bit sleeker than the AirPods. The AirPods pro keep it better hold in my ear though for me. When I move my ears with the Raycon E55 earbuds in, sometimes the seal will come undone in my ear canal and you won’t get that full seal where you seal everything outside.

I’ve never had that problem for the AirPods. Airpods pro have ear sensors on them, so when you pull them out of your ear, they will pause automatically. The Raycon E55 have no sensors like this. For the touch functions, the AirPods pro have a little squeezed Pat on the side. And the Raycon headphones have a little button on the side to press. For the Raycon E55, a button is difficult to press and it can hurt your ear when you press it.

raycon e55 vs airpods pro

They both connect automatically when you pull them out of the cases. For the Raycon earbuds E55, when you pull them out of the case, they say “Raycon”. For the AirPods Pro, they have a little monotone sound to indicate pairing.

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Price: Raycon E55 VS Airpods Pro

The AirPods pro come in at $250. And the Raycon E55 comes in at $99.

Audio Quality: Raycon E55 VS Airpods Pro

After listening to the two side by side, the AirPods pro are a bit sharper sounding than the Raycon E55. It’s not too significant of a difference, but the Raycon earbuds seemed to be more bass heavy, but this also sacrifices some of the highs. They’re both very loud. The airpods pro seemed to just want as much balance as they could possibly get, which isn’t a bad thing.

But things can sound bland to me. It just sounds pretty good.

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Battery Life: Raycon E55 VS Airpods Pro

The AirPods pro can get around five hours of audio playback with an additional 24 hours with the case.  Raycon claim to get six hours of playback with an additional 36 hours with the case.

Earbuds Features: Raycon E55 VS Airpods Pro

Now for the features and cool things about the two, they both have wireless charging.

They both connect automatically when you pull them out of the case. They both have touch functions, but that’s where all the similarities end. I mean, you kind of get what you pay for. The AirPods Pro have sensors, really good integration with iOS, active noise cancellation and ambient mode. The Raycon E55 have some noise cancellation, but not active noise cancellation.

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Also, you can change the name for the AirPods. Personally for some of these features after getting used to them, it’s hard for me to downgrade, like I use the ambient mode on the AirPods pro the most. It’s like your own ear. It just works so well. You can hear everything around you and they can hear your music just, it’s a great combo.

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Verdict: Raycon E55 VS Airpods Pro

Now from my personal opinion about Raycon E55 earbuds and Airpods pro overall, after using these two side by side for the past week, this is my conclusion. They’re both good devices. The AirPods Pro definitely have more features than the Raycon E55. The Raycon E%% are still a decent value.

I definitely prefer Airpods Pro over Raycon E55. They just have so many more features that are just useful. Like they have wireless charging USB type C, they have better battery, they look cooler, the case better. They have a little hook thing.

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Overall, I really liked Airpods Pro much better, honestly. So when I hold the two side by side, I definitely, I would pick the AirPods Pro, what if I didn’t want to spend $250 which a lot of people don’t want to spend that much. Then Raycon E55 is a pretty good option.

Raycon E55 is good budget earbuds for those who are looking for affordable earbuds options but also want something which has quality.

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