How to Paint AirPods?

If you’ve seen colored AirPods all over Pinterest and want to know how to paint AirPods, you’re in the right place.

Apple keeps releasing new products and updating the existing ones to meet their customers’ needs. However, the company seems very reluctant to give us AirPods in any color other than white.


Although white goes well with everything, it’s easy to get bored with a casing color that reminds you of dental floss.

In this article, you’ll learn how to paint AirPods while spending an afternoon as a little as $15.

Material Required For Painting Airpods

You might have thought of going in with regular paints to color your AirPods, but the thought of messing them up must have stopped you right in your tracks.


Obviously, you wouldn’t want to damage your AirPods, as they cost a little fortune.

Here are the materials you need for painting your AirPods:

  • Painters Tape
  • Exacto Knife/ Utility Knife
  • Plasti Dip  

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Instructions On Painting Airpods

how to paint airpods

Once you have all your supplies, place them on a table where you can see them separately. Then, start following the steps given below.

Tape the Non-White Parts

You can use this method to paint AirPods and their cover. On both of them, you’ll see some non-white parts.

At the bottom of the AirPods casing, you’ll see a silver part, whereas the sensors on the AirPods are silver in color.

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Firstly, duct tape the regions that are not white.

Since these regions are too small, use the craft knife to cut the tape as precisely as possible. Make sure you don’t cover any white area and don’t leave any non-white region uncovered.

Apply Plasti Dip

After you have taped those areas, put the air pods on a newspaper or cardboard and start spraying with Plasti Dip.

Make sure you cover all surfaces equally. Spray on the sides too. Wait for one side to dry before spraying on the other one.

Let Dry

Once you have painted the AirPods, let them air dry for some time. After that, the AirPods are ready for use.

If you covered the sensors properly and taped in all the right places, there would be no damage to your AirPods.

Since Plasti Dip has a rubbery finish, it gives the AirPods a matte look.

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How to Remove Paint from AirPods?

If you’re not satisfied with the final look and or you want to change the AirPods’ color again, you can take off the paint.

Take a small knife and make an incision in one corner of the AirPods.

Start pulling on the paint layer. It will come off in one piece, exposing the white surface below. Unlike other paints, Plasti Dip does not leave any residue on the AirPods.

How to Get AirPods Painted?

how to paint airpods

If you’re worried that you may end up ruining your AirPods, you can send them to any company for painting.

Currently, many companies offer painting services, but ColorWare remains the most popular.

ColorWare paints your AirPods in chromatic, matte, and textured colors of your choice. Since there are so many colors to choose from, you’d be spoilt for choice.

However, the catch is that the cost of the painting is too high. You’ll probably have to pay twice or thrice the price of your AirPods to get them colored.

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Why pay so much for something that you can do at home? By using the instructions mentioned above, you can paint your AirPods under twenty bucks.


If you use your AirPods daily, you’re likely to be bored of them. Until Apple starts offering different color options, you can paint AirPods at home using the instructions in this article.

Now that you’ve learned how to paint AirPods, share your painting experiences with us below.

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