Best GPS Tracker Watch for Kids Easy to Use

Track your kid small or big with highly rated GPS Tracker watch for kids in 2020.

GPS Tracker Watch for Kids

Tracking kids is increasingly becoming simpler and easier just because of GPS tracker watch for kids.


Observingly, thousands of smartwatches have been unearthed onto the scene in recent past alongside fitness tracker watches for kids but still, parents heavily need GPS tracking of children whom they love deeply and selflessly. GPS tracking of kids enables the parents to locate the children exactly where they are, by using a smartphone or tablets!

Some smartwatch companies offer geo referencing. In geo referencing enabled GPS tracker watch for kids, an electronic barrier automatically draws itself up on in the form of map specifically when it is crossed and parents receive immediately alert notifications.

GPS tracker watch for kids incorporate cellular connectivity which a kid can use sensing the danger for SOS calling to his parents. Smartwatches supported with cellular connectivity allow the children to make calls or send messages to their guardian or parents. Some smartwatches allow up to ten designated numbers for making a call or sending a message when kids feel danger.


Below, we have compiled varying options for finding out best suitable GPS tracker watch for kids in 2019;

Verizon Wireless GizmoWatch

Verizon Wireless GizmoWatch

Verizon Wireless GizmoWatch is totally fresh to the smartwatches market. This smartwatch is developed by Verizon and has built-in kid’s tracker. The tracker works with LTE connection to the smartwatch. It builds an LTE connection with smartwatch around a child. Foremost idea of using smartwatch in this tracker is to familiarize the kids with the functions of smartwatch.

This GPS tracker watch has been developed for children aging between 3 to 11 years.


Verizon Wireless GizmoWatch has enabled two way calling and messaging options for kids. Parents are allowed to approve up to ten contacts whom a kid can contact when he or she is in danger or feeling the need to contact someone. Parents can set up GPS tracker for locations and boundaries.

One of the significant features of this best GPS tracker watch for kids in 2019 is that it has battery backup up to seven days. Other features include AMOLED display of 1.3 inch 240*240.

This GPS tracker watch for kids has added some cool features to help the children have some fun alongside. These features include hopscotch tracking system and voice changing options for having some fun. Other prominent features of Verizon GizmoWatch offer to track steps and inability counter.

In order to avail these cool features, you are required to be a Verizon customer. There is $30 activation fee and monthly subscription requires $5.

Verizon GizmoWatch comes in two colors; blue and red. However, Verizon is celebrating 90th anniversary of Micky Mouse version which makes the GPS tracker watch for kids available in grey and navy blue colors.


AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch for Kids

AngelSense GPS Tracker for Children

AngelSense took the smartwatch market by storm since its introduction. Widely popular as GPS tracker watch for kids and contains some amazing tracking smartwatch features. This amazing watch is beloved among kids and parents. Reasons behind its great popularity are quite exhilarating and exciting.

AngelSense comes in packed features. This amazing tracking watch enables the parents to listen to the environment in which their children are staying, moving and sitting. Also, parents will receive immediate alerts whenever their kids move towards unusual locations. This GPS tracker watch for kids provides comprehensive routes details and transit speed.

AngelSense is considered best GPS tracker watch for kids in 2019 because it has added some prominent new features to its artillery of cool features. Two-way calling allows the children and parents to communicate effectively. ETA allows the parents to know the exact location of your child when coming home or traveling away from home. Timeline Maps provide greater visibility of the routes of your beloved children.

However, these extra features cost $39.99 but are great to use for concise tracking of your child movement.


HereO V2

hereO V2 GPS Watch for Kids

HereO V2 is a masterfully crafted GPS tracker watch for kids as it contains some colorful and cute designs. Kids will show off cute watch alongside telling the time. Parents can control the movement of kids through Android and IOS apps.

Connecting HereO V2 is simple as parents will connect the watch with HereO V2 app available on Android and IOS. A map pops up displaying the exact locations of your children. With HereO V2, a kid is able to send panic notifications when feeling danger. These alerts are sent using simple commands on HereO V2.

Parents can set up geo-fenced boundaries on HereO V2. By setting geo-fenced boundary, a parent will receive immediate notification when trying to breach the designated boundary. However, HereO V2 is unavailable at the moment at Amazon.


The Gator

The Gator is audaciously similar to Chinese smartwatch but original it has built by UK smartwatch Company. Top feature of The Gator includes enhanced level of communication. This affordable GPS tracker watch for kids supports twelve cellular networks and chooses the network with strongest signals for communication. Therefore, parents should not be worried about instant calling and texting with their beloved children.

The Gator is incorporated with children tracking features like geo fencing and GPS tracking of a child. Parents can demarcate the areas like parks, school and home. When child breaches the boundaries, The Gator will send you an immediate automated notification.

The Gator GPS tracker watch for kids contains cool colors like and pink also has four day battery backup. This smartwatch for kids is enabled with many physical buttons, has forty gram weight and is splash free.


Weenect Kids

Weenect Kids is hailed as exceptional GPS tracker watch for kids. The system of Weenect Kids incorporates USB charger, GPS tracker and a pouch for protection. Weenect Kids is available in free child tracking for one month.

Weenect Kids uses a compass and live maps for tracking tasks. Weenect Kids is updated with augmented reality as well. The cool feature can be utilized by keeping the smartphone up and supposing the right direction of the mobile phone camera pointing. The screen of Weenect Kids app will pop up a small icon for showing the surroundings of your child.

Weenect Kids has built-in SOS button for panic situations. A kid can also use the Entry/Exit option of Weenect Kids GPS tracker watch for kids when enters into home or leaves the home, thus alerting the parents that he has come home or he is going to leave the home.