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How to Free up Free Disk Space on Macbook?

How to Free up Free Disk Space on Macbook?
How to Free up Free Disk Space on Macbook?

Stuck with only a few gigabytes of free space on a Macbook? If so, do not be surprised if the computer experiences issues.

It is usually recommended to have at least 15% of the total drive space free. And when it comes to Macbooks, the disks do not come with that much storage in the first place. Add the fact that solid-state drives are replacing hard drives to improve the overall performance by sacrificing space, and you have an even bigger problem.

However, it does not mean that Macbooks should be disregarded for this problem. You have a plethora of options to fix the storage issue and have a computer that runs optimally. The tips below will tell you how to free up disk space on a Mac.

Tip #1 – Clear Temporary Data Junk

Temporary system junk that accumulates over time takes part of the disk. You cannot detect the majority of these files without tinkering with the system settings. And even then, if you decide to delete them manually, there is a chance that you may remove an important file accidentally.

Getting rid of app extensions, plugins, system backups, and other temporary data will do more than just help with the available storage. You may encounter an issue when your Chrome tabs don’t open, or the browser freezes and even crashes. 

One of the solutions to such problems is clearing the cache. If you delete browser caches regularly, it helps with the performance and solves issues like non-responding tabs. A similar thing applies to temporary system data. Removing it regularly will help Macbook run more smoothly.

Tip #2 – Check for Language Pack Files

You may have installed language packs with some applications without realizing it. And language data that supports 50 or more languages will take some space. Keeping such files on the computer is not recommended. There are hardly any instances when you need anything but the English version and perhaps another language that you understand. But the rest? Probably no.

Tip #3 – Get Rid of Old Applications

How to Free up Free Disk Space on Macbook?

Speaking of applications, you can take a closer look at the list you have installed over the years and think which applications have no more use.

Even if some of the apps do not take the most space, you should still delete them. After all, every megabyte helps. And if you ever need an app again, there is an option to download it later.

Tip #4 – Remove old Downloads and Email Attachments

Every email attachment you double-click on is saved on the computer by default. The email folder may have more files than you expect. 

The download folder is not that different. Some people forget about files after downloading and using them. 

Usually, old data in both download and email attachment folders have already served their purpose, and you can delete them.

Tip #5 – Remember to Delete Permanently

Removing files from the Mac permanently is not as easy as dragging them in the Trash Bin. No, if you do that, at least remember to click on the “Empty Trash Bin” option or enable the feature that automatically deletes trash files after 30 days.

You can also use the Option + Command + Delete keyboard shortcut and delete selected files permanently. Doing so would mean not having to bother with the Bin.

Tip #6 – Subscribe to Streaming Sites

How to Free up Free Disk Space on Macbook?

Streaming sites like Netflix and Disney have made it possible to consume media without renting DVDs or downloading files directly to the computer. You can also find most of the music on Spotify and YouTube. Having hundreds or even thousands of tracks would spell trouble for the well-being of the Macbook’s drive.

Even if you have to pay for streaming platform services, the investment is worth it because they make life more convenient in general, not just when it comes to free up disk space on a Mac.

Tip #7 – Scan the Laptop for Potential Viruses

Given the variety of malware and viruses, it should not surprise that cybersecurity threats that consume drive space exist as well. 

Scan the Mac with reliable antivirus software and make sure that the system is malware-free. In case a scan finds corrupted files, remove them from the system. You may even need to reinstall the operating system because of the harm that viruses have done in some cases. Keep closer tabs on this matter.

Tip #8 – Transfer Data to External Storage

How to Free up Free Disk Space on Macbook?

External storage is a good alternative to looking for ways to delete data from the laptop. You have external hard drives and memory sticks that are relatively cheap, particularly when you buy them during sales.

Cloud services are also worth a shout. Dropbox and iCloud are free with an option to extend available storage by paying a monthly fee for an upgraded plan.

Best Black Friday Tech Deals 2020

Best Black Friday Tech Deals
Best Black Friday Tech Deals

Black Friday Deals: Quick Links

Best Black Friday TV Deals:

Best Black Friday Laptop Deals:

Best Black Friday Tablet Deals:

Best Black Friday Gaming Deals:

Best Black Friday Headphones Deals:

Best Black Friday Smart Home Deals:

Black Friday Wearable Deals:

Black Friday Appliance Deals:

Black Friday Streaming Deals:

Black Friday Fitness Deals:

Black Friday is that special time of year where families and friends all gather together to buy a ton of discounted items at massive savings. I’m going to be going over some of the best black Friday deals out there finding the best deals on popular items like phones, cameras, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, and more.

So be sure to read until the end, so you don’t miss anything. I’ll be updating the links with new Black Friday deals or any better Black Friday Tech deals. First of all, Black Friday starts on November 27th this year, but a lot of best Black Friday tech deals start well before then and continue on all the way till Black Friday.

Some even go past Black Friday into Cyber Monday, and some are only active on the actual day. So be sure to check if these deals I mentioned are active, are sold out because of this information updates by the minute this year has some amazing Black Friday deals that I know I’ll be looking to take advantage of.

Starting off with the big item. I hate being the bearer of bad news, but I won’t be expecting almost any deals on the new PS5 or the new Xbox series X. It’s going to be a struggle just to find some in stock. You can expect sales on pretty much every game and everything XBOX won in PS4.

However, although nothing is listed today, I would expect to see small savings of $10 to $20 off brand new releases, such as call of duty, cold war and Spiderman miles Morales on Black Friday itself. Keep an eye out for flash sales, specifically on Amazon.

Let’s move onto some great Black Friday deals.

NOTE: Links to all the products mentioned are provided above

If you’re looking for a new smartphone, this would be a great time. You can expect to see deals on pretty much. Every phone on the market is offering some amazing deals on Samsung phones. You can save up to $750 on the S 20 lineup of phones, including the S 20 5g. And the note 25 G. If you’re looking towards another Android option, you can save $200 off the Google Pixel 5, which is a great value option at under $500.

If you’re interested in an iPhone (by the way stock is very limited), you can save up to $800. Keep in mind. You very likely won’t get that full sale value, but considering the iPhone just released less than a month ago, any sales great to see the iPhone se is only $200. It’s an older phone that doesn’t have all the features of the modern, but very affordable option for someone looking for a second phone or on a very tight budget.

Speaking of Apple products, there are some great deals on some very popular items from Apple, including saving $55 off the Apple AirPods pro coming in at under $200. Still widely considered the best earbuds on the market. It’s a great value at that price. If you’re looking towards a new smartwatch, there’s a deal on the already affordable Apple watch se coming in at just under $260.

Lastly, there’s a small sale on the new line of iPads, where you can expect to save anywhere from $30 to $50, depending on the model you select. If you’re looking towards a new TV, look no further than Amazon, which have some insane sales, I would recommend just scrolling through the ads on these, because there are honestly too many to mention, but a few that jump out is a thousand dollars office.

Sony 65 inch OLED coming in at $1,800. Absolutely a top of the line television with a great sale. If you’re looking for something a bit bigger, but more affordable, you might want to look at the LG Nanoscale 75 inch UHD coming in at under a thousand dollars with a savings of $500. Now, if you want to go very affordable Black Friday deals, you’ll likely want to take a look at the 65 inch TV from High Sense, which is 50% off coming in at only $250 and amazing price for a 65 inch TV.

The picture quality isn’t going to blow you away, but if you want something big, that’s very affordable. This is going to be hard to beat. And lastly, if you want something smaller, the Toshiba 50 inch or TCL 40 inch priced at $260 and $160 respectively offer pretty great value for someone on a tight budget who doesn’t have the space or want a 65 inch TV.

If you want something more affordable than a TV, you can look towards a mini projector. Specifically the MSC A 100. I picked this up early in the year and have had a great experience with it. I use it whenever I have friends over or want a better movie night. Currently, it’s on sale for under $90. So if you want something to upgrade your Netflix nights, it might be a great option for you or a great gift option.

If you’re interested in some smart home items, Black Friday is always the best time of year. This year is no different. You can have the brand new Amazon echo dot fourth generation priced at under $30 with a savings of $22. There are also very similar deals on echo show, fire, TV sticks, ring, video doorbell, and the rest of the Alexa family.

Considering these are Amazon products. You can pretty much guarantee that Amazon will be matching or beating these same deals offered at Kohl’s and best buy. If you’re more into the Google side, the Google Nest Hub is nearly 50% off and the Nest Hub Max at $50 off. If you’re looking towards a laptop, Dell is offering anywhere from a $100 to $400 off their best-selling highest rated laptop.

The Dell XPS 13, 15, and 17. This is easily one of, if not the best overall laptop on the market that we’ve reviewed multiple times on the Smart Watch Fan. So it’s great to see this on sale. Another amazing option is the HP Spectre X360  2-in-1 on sale for $500 off. Complete with an I7 processor, 4k display, 512 gigabyte SSD, and 16 gigabytes of RAM.

It’s an amazing laptop and a great alternative to the Dell XPS 13. If you’re looking towards a Macbook, best buy has sales on both the new Mac book, air and Mac book pro, where you can save up to $200 to $250.

If you’re looking towards some in-home items, there are some great deals on kitchen appliances. There’s an insane deal on the kitchen Pro 5 plus at $300 off its original $500 price tag. I’m becoming more of a coffee person.

So I’m taking advantage of the curate case. Select single serve at $40 off coming in at under $50. There are a ton of great deals on little kitchen supplies and we all eat. So I’m sure you’ll find something specifically you would enjoy. There are sales of up to 50% off on robot vacuums and 50% off Dyson vacuums as well.

If you’re planning on moving or want to upgrade your place, there are a ton of great Black Friday deals available. Lastly, if you’re interested in grabbing just some general tech, there’s some great deals available on camera’s headphones and much more. The best-selling highly rated Canon EOS M 50 is $100 off coming in at $550.

This is an amazing value. If you’re interested in getting started in blogging, the Sony V1 camera made specifically with bloggers in mind is also a $100 off. Target is running deals for nearly 50% off Beats Studio 3, or the really great workout earbuds, the Powerbeats Pro. If you’re interested in some over ear or in your headphones, these are some great options.

If you’re interested in getting a new tablet, the Samsung galaxy S6, which is our current pick for the best Android tablet on the market is currently on sale for 20% or $130 off coming in at just under $520.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV Without Bluetooth

How to connect wireless headphones to TV without Bluetooth
How to connect wireless headphones to TV without Bluetooth

Isn’t it that sometimes you seriously crave a bigger screen?

From your Smartphone to Laptop and from Laptop to the TV, I realized this hard way in Corona lockdown that the fun of watching the Netflix shows on TV is matchless.

We are so easily bored with a particular screen type and that is why we so often keep switching between the Smartphone and Laptop until you try the TV and then there is no going back.

However, in my case, the problem was raised when I watched my favorite shows and funny videos at a little greater volume, and my homies were disturbed.

Of course, I had my Bluetooth headphones but did Tthe TV itself supported this route?

It seemed not to be.

I kind of grind quite hard to get it done the best way possible and easiest as well and meanwhile all this, I learned the alternatives too that I am going to share here.

However, most of the time, your TV is legit capable of Bluetooth connection but you don’t figure it out easily of which you can know more about below.

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5 Ways to Connect your Wireless Headphones to the TV without Bluetooth Support

How to connect wireless headphones to TV without Bluetooth
  1. Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

So the Bluetooth audio transmitters are tiny jacks that work as a medium between your wireless headphones and TV to pass on the audio in the form of signals, in your ears. It can work effectively in the absence of your TV’s Bluetooth support without making you feel it did not exist in the first place, yes, that smooth.

Your TV would have a 3.5mm jack plug-in option where you have to insert it and turn ON the pairing mode of your wireless headphones.

Later on, secure a connection between two devices and you are good to go for watching Netflix and listening to music.

However, it’s a chargeable device so you have to take care of its charging sessions before and after putting it into use.

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The best part is, it’s easy to find and inexpensive to buy.

Before going out to purchase it, I would suggest you check it at home around your techy treasure and in the wire-packed drawers, I hope you find one there lying carelessly because I did.

If you don’t, it’s okay, these are too cheap to get one easily if you are not going to use it for a long time. In another case, add a few more bucks and get yourself a quality two-way and low latency Bluetooth audio transmitter. At this point, a good suggestion is the Indigo Bluetooth transmitter because it serves the purpose.

Though these audio output adapters can deal with the range of about 30 feet only but can maintain the quality you seek.

Another good and reliable suggestion is Avantree Audiokast Plus which is also a low-latency option but with a greater battery power which means you can enjoy more without fretting over the low battery.

But if your TV is of the extra old model, it may allow you the option of only optical or RCA jack instead of the modern 3.5 mm jack so investigate better before investing right.

2- Dedicated wireless headphones

Dedicated wireless headphones also called RF (Radio Frequency) wireless headphones are also a great option to make up for the deficiency of TV’s built-in Bluetooth support.

To define it’s working mechanism, Rf wireless headphones have a transmitter enabled into it which attracts the sound signals from other devices and makes it audible in the headset.

Unlike Bluetooth audio transmitters, dedicated headphones provide 10x more coverage as up to 300 feet which is a major gain as well as a drawback.

Therefore, it’s benefiting in the sense that since the coverage is quite massive, you don’t need to sit right in front of the TV to ensure the optimal quality. You can go about the other room and move in the living room freely until and unless there is no other electronic device operating in the zone.

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I had my electric treadmill in my room turned ON and I noticed a huge difference in the sound quality going negative.

But there is one thing I noticed, after removing the treadmill from that area, the audio was submitted effortlessly and I observed it to be amazingly more effective than the other ways I had tried out.

Although the investment is also so minor, yes, more extensive than the Bluetooth audio transmitter but once bought, it goes a long way.

All you have to do is to connect the wireless headphones with the audio output jack of your TV and bingo, just enjoy.

3- Gaming Consoles

How to connect wireless headphones to TV without Bluetooth

Half of the problem is straight away solved if you have any external device already connected with your TV. It can be any of the gaming consoles such as the famous Xbox or Playstation. Therefore, no problem even if you have an Amazon fire stick or Chromecast, it will serve the same.

These devices high-time have a Bluetooth option, especially the gaming boxes but if Amazon or Chromecast does not stand to provide the independent Bluetooth support, they will still be able to allow you to connect your wireless headset with the TV through an immediate shortcut.

For this, you will have to study the relevant manual page of your external device.

On the other hand, if you are using a smart remote for your TV, it probably can also have the option to connect with the headphones wirelessly which can act as an efficient shortcut I just mentioned.

4- Infrared wireless headphones

Infrared wireless headphones are the safest alternative to the RF wireless headphones for two reasons:

•    These are cheaper than RF headphones.

•    These are way better in conserving the sound quality than RF headphones because these are not easily interrupted by the presence of any other electric device in the surroundings.

But it does not end here, though these headphones have their kind of red flag insecurity, that is, there should be no other electrical distortion straight between your headset and TV, no issues if it is anywhere nearby.

As for the pricing priorities, if you tend to find good RF wireless headphones under $80, you can find the Infrared ones easily anywhere under $50.

In case you are low on budget and sit quietly while watching the TV without messing with the peace of people around you, get yourself some quality-enriched Infrared headphones otherwise the option of RF headphones always exists.

However, make sure to get comfortable headphones that are packed with the latest features so you make them for a long time.

In case your TV does not support the infrared headphones, you will have to spend a little extra for the Infrared audio transmitter which will help in passing on the signals.

5- Media Streaming

This is another reliable yet easiest way to kick-starting your favorite watching and listening on the TV through a variety of TV boxes such as Android and Apple boxes.

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The media streamers are already advanced enough to support Bluetooth which means if you connect your wireless headphones with this streamer, there is no need to look for Bluetooth support on your TV.

However, this shortcut also acts as a modern audio transmitter, cutting the need for a Bluetooth audio transmitter.

For the process of Bluetooth connection with Android and Apple TV boxes, follow this guideline:

Apple TV

•    Ready your good quality wireless headphones.

•    Bring them  into the pairing mode.

•    Go to Settings on your Apple TV.

•    Select there, Remotes and Devices.

•    Later, click on the open Bluetooth option.

•    Look for your headphone’s name in the list of available devices for the connection.

•    There you go for a secure connection.

Android TV

•    Check for it’s connecting capability at first.

•    Then, bring your Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode.

•     Go to Settings and open Bluetooth.

•    Look for your headphones name in the list and then select it.

•    There you go for a secure connection.

Other than that, if you are using a smart remote control for your TV such as Roku, you can still enable the wireless connection through it, and either through its online App.

If you go this way, invest in real quality bass headphones so the listening fun must be felt deep down. As per our honest suggestions, click here to check the best 10 bass headphones reviewed carefully.

How to determine if your TV is capable of Bluetooth support?

If you can’t find an evident Bluetooth option on your TV, search on it’s manual card.

However, if you still can’t, look upon the internet on the brand’s official website where you can mention the TV’s code of model to know if it’s smart enough to support Bluetooth.

You can know the answer if you have a Samsung TV but I believe other brands do also have a method to let you know.

They say if the TV has a smart remote control, the chances are greater that you can connect the headphones wirelessly through it and expect other great things too.


No matter which option you decide to select and go after, make sure to make every purchase a quality purchase so you don’t need to invest again and waste for nothing

It’s that simple though. If you have one of the shortcuts readily available to you already, don’t go for the alternative unnecessarily unless there is a serious need for the replacement. Keep enjoying it.

6 Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus

Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus
Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus

If you’re looking for the best VR headset for iPhone 7 Plus, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best headsets that you can get for your iPhone. Whether you want to enjoy games or watch movies, you can use these headsets to have an extraordinary experience.

So, let’s dive into the virtual space with these best VR headsets for iPhone 7 Plus;

1.     Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

2.   Google Cardboard

3.   OPTPSLON Virtual Reality Headset

4.   Vr Shinecon Vr Headset for Phone

5.    BNEXT VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android

6.   Altasonix VR Headset Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones

1.     Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

If you’re familiar with virtual reality, you’d know about Oculus as the hardware is one of the most popular for VR. It offers next-level hardware that is coupled with a fast processor and lets you watch everything in high resolution.

Since it has all-in-one gaming, you can enjoy all titles: new and old. So, just play any game you like in VR. Even better, the VR headset provides immersive entertainment, letting you enjoy concerts, events, and films.

Most importantly, the VR headset has an easy setup. All you need to do is open the box and set the headset with your phone. It offers 50% more pixels, letting you watch everything in high detail and resolution.

Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus

Lastly, the Oculus gives you ultimate control over gaming. It lets you use intuitive controls to transport the gaming movements directly into virtual reality.

  • Has an easy set up
  • Gives ultimate control
  • Has 50% more pixels
  • Offers all in one gaming
  • Has to be connected to a Facebook account

2.    Google Cardboard

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a VR headset for iPhone 7Plus, the Google Cardboard should be your ultimate choice. Made of AAA corrugated paper, the cardboard has superior quality. You might be surprised at the quality you get at such a low price.

With thousands of units sold, the cardboard is enjoyed and praised by users all over the world. It has a long head strap, a forehead pad, and suction cups. It doesn’t matter what system your phone uses; the Google Cardboard is suitable for it.

You can use it to play games or enjoy your favorite movies. Thanks to the 37mm focal length, the Google Cardboard allows you to get the best visuals. Plus, it has biconvex lenses to support the focal length.

Since Google Cardboard is lightweight, you can take it anywhere. Is your buddy having a gaming marathon at his place? Simple enough, you can take the cardboard anywhere.

  • Is an advanced yet affordable solution
  • 37mm focal length
  • Suitable for all VR needs
  • Has been tested over 80 times
  • Doesn’t come with instructions

3.   OPTPSLON Virtual Reality Headset

Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus

Whether you want to buy it as a gift for your friend or enjoy VR yourself, the OPTPSLON headset is an amazing choice. It lets you enjoy everything in 3D, even when watching with your phone.

You can connect with other people – your friends or players from all over the world – to catch spots, concerts, and so much more. The headset is compatible with multiple smartphones, including the iPhone 7Plus.

Giving you a 36- degrees immersion experience, the headset is designed with an aspherical lens that adjusts the eye distance precisely. Thus, you can use the headset to watch at 800° myopia without having to wear glasses.

If you play games for extended hours, this headset should keep you comfortable throughout the duration. Along with letting you enjoy virtual reality, it also keeps your eyes free of strain and fatigue.

Plus, the headset comes with adjustable headgear, making it easier for you to make the headset suitable for your head size. Also, it has soft masks and reduces stress on your face. Overall, your experience will be better than ever.

  • Compatible with multiple mobile phones
  • Gives a near 360 degrees experience
  • Is lightweight
  • Headstrap can be adjusted
  • Cheap build

4.   Vr Shinecon Vr Headset for Phone

At the first glance, you’ll be in awe of how cool this VR headset looks. However, it has much more than looks. Firstly, the headset is a 6th generation device that is much better than the predecessors and is made in accordance with organic movements.

Moreover, the headset has a comfortable design with HD resin. As a result, you won’t feel the pressure or weight of the headset on your head or eyes ever. It is made of breathable leather that keeps your eyes free of sweat even when you’re wearing the headset for a long time.

Additionally, the VR headset features Focus Distance. Thus, you can adjust the Pupil settings according to the movie you’re watching or game you’re playing.

On top of that, the headset has an ergonomic design. The T-strap can be adjusted to ensure that there’s no pressure on your face while you’re playing. Since the nose area has been deepened in this design, you won’t feel any discomfort on the nose either.

Lastly, the VR headset is compatible with iPhone Plus 7 and other phones.

  • T-shaped strap that can be adjusted
  • Comfortable for long-term wear
  • Features Focus Distance
  • Works well with organic movements
  • Remote control doesn’t work properly
  • Poor instructions

5.    BNEXT VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android

Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus

Here’s another VR headset for iPhone 7 Plus that you can use for gaming or enjoying Netflix. The headset is compatible with most smartphones and provides you a 360-degree viewing experience whether you’re playing alone or with your friends.

Boasting Advanced Gaming Technology, this headset aligns properly with your eyes and head. It offers the perfect focal distance for viewing everything much better. Additionally, the unilateral myopic alignment reduces the distortion, allowing you to enjoy the older gaming titles too.

Even better, the headset has a comfortable fit. You can wear it for a long time without getting tired. Along with an adjustable head strap, the headset also has a soft nose piece. Thus, you’ll be comfortable no matter how long you play.

  • Has advanced gaming technology
  • Designed for extended wear
  • Can be used with multiple phones
  • Comes with online support
  • Only works if you have VR apps.

6.   Altasonix VR Headset Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones

Best VR Headset for iPhone 7 Plus

Lastly, we have this Altasnox VR headset on our list that offers 3D gaming technology with your iPhone to bring an immersive viewing experience. The HD optimization and gaming support let you enhance your gaming experience by simply flicking this headset over your head.

It comes with an improved visual experience. Thus, you can watch movies or play gaming titles while enjoying different angles. Moreover, the perfect focal distance ensures that you watch everything clearly without any distortion.

Along with giving you access to more than 300 games, the VR headset also comes with a QR code for special VR content. All in all, you’ll have the VR experience of your lifetime.

  • Better visual experience
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • QR code with special VR access
  • Easy to adjust
  • Does not have a select button


With that, we are wrapping up our discussion of the Best VR headset for iPhone 7 Plus. Hopefully, you would have found the right VR headset in our review. Now, you can plan a weekend gaming night with your buddies or binge-watch your favorite series on Netflix.

10 Best Baby Mobiles for Development

Best Baby Mobiles for Development
Best Baby Mobiles for Development

If your little one has been irritable in bed and needs some stimulation to sleep, you need to invest in one of the best baby mobiles for development. You can hang a baby mobile on your child’s crib to help the little one sleep better.

Along with providing stimulation, it can help your child feel protected in their crib. Plus, they won’t miss your presence. However, there are so many baby mobiles in the market. Thus, it’s hard to decide which one is the best.

In this guide, we’ll help you find the best baby mobile for your munchkin.

  1. SHILOH Baby Crib Decoration Newborn Gift Plush Musical Mobile
  2. Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile
  3. Haba Nursery Wooden Mobile
  4. Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile
  5. Disney Winnie the Pooh Mobile
  6. Bedtime Originals Roar Dinosaur Musical Mobile
  7. Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe ‘n Groove Baby Mobile
  8. Baby Crib Mobile Wooden Wind Chime
  9. Carter’s Jungle Collection Musical Mobile
  10. Mini Tudou Baby Musical Mobile

1.     SHILOH Baby Crib Decoration Newborn Gift Plush Musical Mobile

Best Baby Mobiles for Development

The Shiloh baby crib mobile is one of the best things you can get for your newborn or gift to someone who has just had a child. The mobile is non-toxic, thus, making it safe for a baby. Also, the material used in this baby mobile is in accordance with ISO authentication. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it hurting your child in any way.

Plus, each part of the toy has a BB squeaker in it that will play a jingle when your child holds it. Thus, it’s a great fun-inducing way for your baby to spend time.

If your baby loves music, this is the best mobile for development. It has 60 tunes and jingles that can be played in over an hour. If no one is using the baby mobile for 30 minutes, it will turn off on its own. When your child touches it again, the jingles will begin.

Moreover, the baby mobile has six buttons on it, including volume up and down. Also, you can skip a song and shuffle the song selection every time. You can adjust the holder height to keep it away or close to your baby’s range.

Since it’s an interactive toy made for development, it will help your baby learn. Overall, it’s a fun and safe toy for your little one to play with.

  • Music level can be adjusted
  • 60 songs
  • Non-toxic material
  • Adjustable holder height
  • Difficult to assemble

2.   Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile

Best Baby Mobiles for Development

The first thing to notice about this baby mobile is beautiful cartoon characters. If nothing else, your child would surely love their colors and shapes.

For your convenience, the mobile has a universal crib attachment arm. Thus, you can attach it to any crib or bassinet. That’s quite handy for parents who’re looking for a baby mobile that they can take with them on their travels.

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At the base of the attachment arm is a screw that you can tighten to secure the mobile onto the crib. It prevents the risk of the mobile falling on your baby.

Meanwhile, the three cute toys attached to the crib will keep your baby satisfied. As you turn on the switch, the toys will start spinning. It will play five songs that can go up to 30 minutes.

The spinning toys help in the development and stimulation of the baby. Thus, you can do little things like this to give your baby a headstart in life.

  • 30 minutes of entertainment
  • Five songs
  • Easily portable
  • Engages the baby
  • Limited song selection
  • Tends to fall from cribs with round rails

3.   Haba Nursery Wooden Mobile

Best Baby Mobiles for Development

Some parents might not want to buy baby mobiles with cartoon characters on them. Also, some kids are scared of the cartoon faces. Instead, you can buy this wooden mobile with balls on it.

It has a wooden rod that balances the balls on either side, keeping them in place. All you have to do is touch the mobile gently, and it will keep spinning for up to 15 minutes. That’s a great way to keep your baby engaged while you’re working or on a call.

Plus, the mobile will be loved by girls and boys alike. You can suspend it from the crib, changing table, or the bassinet to keep the baby entertained.

Most importantly, the wooden mobile is made of beech wood. Thus, it’s safe for your child. Even if your little one bites on the toy, there’s no risk of infection. Also, the different colors and shapes are good for your baby’s development.

You get a string with the wooden mobile that can be used to hang the toy from the ceiling. Thanks to the wooden rod, the toy stays balanced and won’t fall on your baby.

  • Comes with a ceiling mount
  • Can be hung in different places
  • Keeps the child entertained
  • Made of non-toxic beech wood
  • Hanging it can be tricky

4.   Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

Best Baby Mobiles for Development

Here’s another baby mobile that you can get for your child to familiarize them with shapes and animals. Owing to the projector at the base of the toy, your child will be able to see cartoon animals on the attached canopy. If you’d want the animals to be projected on the wall, you can take the canopy off.

Since the projections are close-by, it will be easier for your baby to focus on them. In total, there are four toys on the baby mobile to grab your kid’s attention.

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At the bottom of the attachment arm is a speaker that plays music. You can select different lullabies or classical music from Beethoven and Mozart. Now, that’s a fun way to enhance your child’s development, isn’t it? Along with these sounds, your child can also enjoy the sound of heartbeat and nature for up to 20 minutes.

You can use a universal strap to attach the baby mobile to the crip. Plus, it can be controlled with a remote too. This functionality makes the baby mobile perfect for parents who might not be in close range of the crib at all times.

  • Come with a remote control
  • Plenty of soothing sounds
  • Playtime of 20 minutes
  • Projections of animals on the wall for visual development
  • Battery drains quickly

5.     Disney Winnie the Pooh Mobile

Best Baby Mobiles for Development

Growing up, if you loved Winnie the Pooh, why not let your child enjoy the same thing? This Disney Mobile is made of 100% polyester, except for the decoration. It’s suitable for children ranging from age 0 to five months.

It has two Winnie the Pooh plush toys, a jar of honey, and a honey bee. Since the toys are made of comfortable material, your child will have a fun time playing with them. Also, there’s a music box on the top that plays fun music and lullabies to put your kid to sleep.

You can attach the mobile to the crib rail using the attachment arm. Also, the toys rotate. Thus, when you’re passing by the crib, you can give them a gentle nudge, and they’ll rotate.

  • Attaches easily to all cribs
  • Has a Disney-inspired design
  • Toys can be rotated
  • Has a music box that works without batteries
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Toys fall off

6.   Bedtime Originals Roar Dinosaur Musical Mobile

Best Baby Mobiles for Development

Often, parents have a hard time attaching the baby mobile to the crib because of the lack of proper connection. However, this baby mobile has a clip on the attachment arm that can easily connect to any crib.

Also, the toy has four dinosaurs attached to it. The plush toys hang from the crib and entertain your child. Along with being a source of visual development, these toys also keep your child entertained and engaged.

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The mobile plays Twinkle twinkle little star and two other lullabies. Thus, your baby will be able to sleep peacefully once you turn on the jingles. You merely have to turn on the music and it will go on for 20 minutes.

Also, you can adjust the volume according to your child’s comfort level. Overall, it’s a handy toy to have at home for your baby’s development and entertainment.

  • Can be fixed to all cribs
  • Has lightweight animal toys
  • Plays three lullabies
  • Goes on for 20 minutes
  • Short music run time

7.    Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe ‘n Groove Baby Mobile

Best Baby Mobiles for Development

At the first glance, you can guess that this baby mobile will become your child’s favorite. It’s a colorful you with multiple cartoon characters hanging from the main attachment. What else could you possibly need in a baby mobile?

This Tiny love baby mobile is designed to grow as your baby does. When your child is still young and cannot stand, you can use this toy as a mobile. When your child starts standing up, the mobile can be converted into a music box.

It has six musical options for you to choose from. Then, there are 18 different melodies that your child will absolutely love. Additionally, the music goes on for 40 minutes. Thus, you can use the calming jingles to put your child to sleep or use the toy as an interactive playtime tool.

Moreover, the mobile moves in a soothing motion. Besides, it has a nightlight that keeps your child comfortable at night and lets them sleep without a bright light glaring at them.

  • 18 songs to choose from
  • Has soothing and energetic music both
  • Grows with the baby
  • Can be used as a music box alone
  • Disappointing design

8.   Baby Crib Mobile Wooden Wind Chime

Best Baby Mobiles for Development

Let’s just say that this wooden mobile will not just attract your baby’s attention but also yours. It has bright colors and geometric designs to engage your child.

While working, the mobile keeps swaying and encourages your little one to focus on the track of the toy. As a result, your kid’s depth perception develops well. Along with developing the focus and vision, it also helps your kid fall asleep easily.

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The baby mobile is made using high-quality materials. Thus, you can give it as a baby shower gift, knowing well that the mobile will serve its purpose for a long time. The manufacturers only use eco-friendly materials to ensure that your baby’s health is not compromised.

Since the baby mobile does not require batteries, it’s a wonderful option for parents who’re not looking for a lot of fancy or high-end designs. Instead, it’s less of a hassle and does the job.

  • Easily attached to cribs
  • Keeps the baby mesmerized
  • Visual development of your child
  • Made of eco-friendly materials
  • No music

9.   Carter’s Jungle Collection Musical Mobile

Best Baby Mobiles for Development

It’s good for kids to get familiarized with different shapes earlier in life. Keeping in line with that, this baby mobile is an awesome gift for your child or someone who is about to become a parent. The attachment arm has a giraffe-shaped cover, while the strings come out of the animal’s mouth. Overall, the design is top-notch and you will love it as much as your kid does.

The animals are made of 100% polyester. Since they’re plush, they won’t hurt your child while he or she is playing with the baby mobile. Additionally, the toys have a song module to play a lullaby that will put your baby to bed.

As for installation, it’s pretty simple as the baby mobile’s clamps fit well on most cribs. Also, when you push the strings, the toys will spin, keeping your little one entertained.

  • Familiarity with animals
  • Visual development
  • Has a lullaby
  • Fits easily on most rails
  • Works for only a few minutes
  • Only has one song

10.  Mini Tudou Baby Musical Mobile

Best Baby Mobiles for Development

Lastly, we have this beautiful and functional baby mobile on our list that comes with lighting and music. Along with projecting three colors, the mobile also projects animals and cartoons. You can play up to six nursery rhymes on it, five natural sounds, 150 lullabies, and ten musical organs. Now, that’s more than we have seen in any baby mobile on our list.

Apart from the extensive selection of songs, you can also benefit from the long-term play. You can set the timer to twenty, forty, or sixty minutes, as this baby mobile can work for up to an hour.

Also, the rattles can be detached from the main body and used as teethers by your little one. Most importantly, the toy is very easy to set up, so parents won’t have any problem. You can assemble the toy using the screwdriver that you get in the package.

Also, the mobile can be controlled using a remote. You can set the shutdown timer for the music, allowing your child to fall asleep peacefully.

  • Has a long-term playtime
  • The timer can be set
  • Lights and music
  • Multiple projections
  • Is easy to set up
  • The sound is too loud


Now that you have seen some of the best baby mobiles for development, you can go ahead and pick an option for your little one. In this guide, we’ve discussed different sorts of baby mobiles that come in handy for a child’s development. Now, it’s up to you to choose one for your baby’s comfort and entertainment.

10 Best Smartwatch for Teens In 2020

Best Smartwatch for Teens
Best Smartwatch for Teens

If your child is asking for a watch, you need to get them the best smartwatch for teens. Nowadays, smartwatches are not just popular among older people. They’re also quite a hype among the younger generation, especially teenagers.

In this guide, we have some of the most top-rated watches for teenagers according to their style. Also, these watches will help your child track their fitness activities to lead a healthy lifestyle.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk about the best smartwatches for teens.

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1.     Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

Best Smartwatch for Teens

Fitbit takes the top place when it comes to making the best smartwatches for kids. Firstly, let’s talk about the design, which is quite suitable for a teenager’s wrist. It’s not too flashy, neither too office-like. Thus, it’s perfect for your teenager.

Also, this best smartwatch for teens has the EDA Scan app, which detects electrodermal activity inside the body. Since this activity is in response to stress, the watch basically checks if your body is under stress. Even better, the ECG app in the watch has been cleared by the FDA.

Possibly the best thing about the Fitbit Sense watch is that it has long battery life. The battery lasts for up to 6 days, which is quite impressive. Also, it charges quickly in just 12 minutes.

That’s perfect for teenagers because they’ll use their watch a lot and want it to be charged quickly.

Also, you can use the built-in Alexa to check everything from the weather to the nearest coffee shop. It also sets reminders for you, so you can set a reminder for the upcoming test or anything important.

  • Built-in Alexa
  • Fitbit ECG app
  • Has sensors to check body temperature
  • The battery lasts for 6 days
  • The ECG app is not available in all countries.

2.   Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Best Smartwatch for Teens

The Samsung Galaxy watch is suitable for people who want to track their fitness and sleep activities. The watch allows you to have a better insight into your fitness tracking, giving you advanced features for tracking your steps and exercises.

Also, this best smartwatch for teens is quite comfortable to wear since it’s made of breathable material. You can wear it for hours without your wrist getting tired.

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One of the best things about this watch is that it automatically alerts you if your heart rate is too low or too high. Also, it has a sleep tracker that helps you get better sleep. More importantly, the battery lasts two times longer than normal watches, so you’re settled for a long time.

However, when compared to most watches in this guide, the battery is still a bit low and can be improved a bit. That is compensated by the built-in loudspeaker, which allows you to listen to your favorite songs in full swing.

Plus, it comes with Bixby support. So, you can command the digital assistant to play your favorite song or set the alarm for the next morning. If you want to achieve your fitness goals and get better sleep, this watch is the right option for you. 

  • Has a premium design
  • Comes with Bixby support
  • Has a built-in speaker and mic
  • Battery life isn’t dependable.

3.   Garmin Vívoactive 3

Best Smartwatch for Teens

Here’s a smartwatch for teens who love to stay active and take good care of their health. The watch has a battery life of up to seven days, so you won’t have to recharge it throughout the week. Additionally, it has GPS, allowing you to navigate your way through the town.

To say the least, this watch is a blessing for athletes since it has trackers for monitoring the stress level and your heart rate. All of these things matter immensely when you’re practicing.

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Also, this best smartwatch for teens records your heart rate level for up to two weeks. So, you can monitor the change over a certain period of time.

More importantly, the watch lets you make contactless payments. Thus, you can use it to pay for things you buy online. Worried about workout songs? Don’t be. The watch can store 500 songs for you to listen while working out or taking a jog in the park.

Also, it comes with 15 sports apps, already installed, for yoga and running, etc. Overall, you can see that this Garmin watch is for active teenagers.

  • Can store 500 songs
  • 15 preinstalled sports apps
  • Has a heart and stress tracker
  • Lets you pay easily
  • Long battery life
  • Small screen
  • Expensive

4.   Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

Best Smartwatch for Teens

Samsung really seems to be pushing out watches for younger wearers. This watch has a teenage-centric design, which is too cool not to notice. However, that’s not the only attractive thing about the watch.

It lets you pay through NFC and is compatible with all phones, even the iOS ones. If you’re a sporty teenager, this watch is the right choice for you since it has items that are ideal for swimmers and other sportspersons.

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Additionally, the battery lasts for up to four days, which is a bit lesser than some other best smartwatches for teens on this review. Nevertheless, it’s still long enough to fulfill your weekly needs. Moreover, the watch also has Bluetooth, which goes up to 30 feet.

Also, you can get songs from Spotify and play them while working out. That’s quite an impressive feature for a watch to have if you ask us.

As for the design, the Samsung Gear sports watch has a solid shell with a durable glass top. Overall, it’s a stunning design that will surely get you tons of compliments.

  • Has a glossy design
  • Can sync offline with Spotify
  • Has Samsung health
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Does not have great pulse monitoring
  • GPS isn’t dependable

5.    VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Best Smartwatch for Teens

While most other watches in our review were for older teenagers, this one is for the younger teenagers. It has a bright blue design, which will cater best to the younger audience.

The most attractive thing about this best smartwatch for teens is that it has a front-facing camera that you can use to take selfies when out with friends. It also has a side facing camera for taking pictures of things you love.

The pedometer counts your step, motivating you to stay healthy. Even better, the watch has parental control features. The parents can set the use time and limit the content that their child can access on the watch.

You’ll have fun using this watch since you can download different watch faces to customize the screen as you want. Moreover, the watch is sweat proof so you can wear it the whole day without your arms getting sweaty.

  • Has a flashy design for younger teenagers
  • Comes with a selfie camera
  • Has a calendar and a stopwatch
  • Parental control
  • Pre-installed games
  • Not waterproof
  • Kids will outgrow it soon.

6.   Garmin Vívofit Jr 2

Best Smartwatch for Teens

Garmin has actually made this watch for kids, as indicated by the name. It’s completely teenager-themed and comes in different styles. So, you can choose the one that suits well with your preferences. From Disney princesses to Spiderman, there are a lot of themes to choose from.

Additionally, this best smartwatch for teens has pre-installed apps for kids to play and enjoy the watch to the fullest. But, it’s not just for fun and entertainment. The watch also has fitness trackers to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Parents can control the working of the smartwatch by scheduling chores on it, letting the kids know what they need to do around the house. Furthermore, the watch is fully waterproof, so you can wear it while swimming without any worry.

Lastly, you can set reminders on the smartwatch for different things, including homework or sports practice. Overall, it’s a wonderful watch that will help improve the lifestyle of young teenagers significantly.

  • Is fully waterproof
  • Available in many themes
  • Comes with a prenatal app for monitoring the watch
  • Has a one-year battery time
  • Allows you to set reminders
  • Themes may be a bit too tacky for some teenagers
  • Slightly expensive

7.    Apple Watch Series 4

Best Smartwatch for Teens

Although most of Apple’s watches are made for adults, this one can be used by teenagers too. It comes with GPS, allowing you to track location and help find your way through any area. Additionally, the display is 30% larger than normal watches, which is quite helpful.

Often, people have difficulty using a smartwatch because of the smaller screen size. The larger size makes it easier for you to use the watch effectively. Also, the watch comes with optical heart sensors that can detect your heart rate after a workout.

If you like listening to your favorite playlists during the workout session, you’re in luck because this best smartwatch for teens comes with a 50% louder speaker, which lets you blast the song you like to workout to.

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Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 4 has a 64-bit dual core processor. As a result, it’s much faster than most watches out there.

  • Is lightweight
  • Has a larger display
  • Speaker is 50% louder
  • Has a fast processor
  • Expensive
  • Short battery life

8.   INIUPO Kids Game Smart Watch Phone

Best Smartwatch for Teens

Once the teenagers grow up a bit, they no longer want a cartoon-themed watch. Instead, they want something that looks more like an adult watch, and this particular watch is just the right pick to satisfy such kids.

It has a music player, seven pre-installed games, a calculator, an alarm clock, and a built-in camera. Thus, you can see it is well-equipped to help a child out in the best way possible.

Since this best smartwatch for teens works with a sim card, you can also use it to make calls. Some schools do not allow phones, so a smartwatch is a great way for parents to contact their teenage kids.

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It comes with many pre-installed games, including Basketball Shoot Master and Eat Gold. Trust us when we say this: you’ll no longer be bored. Also, the watch as an SOS key that lets you call close family members or friends in case you’re in an emergency situation. Again, this is a great feature for teenagers.

  • Has GPS tracking
  • SOS feature for safety
  • Splash proof
  • Has a camera
  • Counts steps using the pedometer
  • Is not completely waterproof

9.   VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Best Smartwatch for Teens

If your child has just become a teenager, you can give this watch to them as a gift since it has all the cool features they need. Firstly, it has a flashy design that attracts most kids. Also, it’s splash-proof and fits easily on smaller wrists.

The watch comes with a camera that you can use to take pictures and even make videos. That’s not it. There’s also built-in customization that can be used for applying filters to pictures.

Moreover, there’s a Monster detector game inside the best smartwatch for teens that kids can play in their free time and never face boredom again. One of the best things about this watch is the parental control. Parents can share photos and videos through the watch.

Also, the watch has a four-year battery, so it will be quite amazing for your kid for the next few years.

  • Camera for taking pictures
  • Parental control
  • Fits easily on smaller wrists
  • Flashy design
  • Limited memory

10. HUAWEI Watch GT Sport

Best Smartwatch for Teens

Last but not the least, we have this Huawei watch on our list that is suitable for older teenagers. The watch comes with an AMOLED touchscreen with enhanced colors for a better display.

Also, it has built-in GPS for tracking your routes. The 24/7 heart monitor provides precise data about our heart rate at any time of the day. If you work out regularly or play a sport, this is a great feature for you.

Besides, the watch has a sleep tracking feature to help you sleep better. It’s not just any ordinary feature but is actually made in association with Harvard Medical School. It tells you about six sleep-related problems and corrects them by giving you over 200 solutions. Thus, the watch provides you with suggestions to improve your sleep.

It is compatible with Apple and Android phones. You can also download the Huawei Health app to use the watch in a better way. Along with these features, it also has email, calendar, weather, and SMS functionality.

  • Has a decent battery life
  • Plenty of sleep tracking features
  • Is not too expensive
  • Waterproof
  • Does not allow contactless payments
  • Only compatible with a few apps


By now, you should have found the best smartwatch for teens as we gave you the ten best options available in the market right now. Whether you want to buy it as a gift for your child or you’re an older teenager looking for a watch for yourself, we hope that we helped you well.

Let us know which watch you chose and why it is so unique for your particular needs.

Cowin e7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones Review 2020

Cowin e7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones Review
Cowin e7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones Review

Welcome to this Cowin e7 active noise canceling headphones review where we will discuss all features of the headphone, determining at the end if it’s a good choice for you.

At first glance, Cowin e7 seems a decent noise canceling headphone that is suitable for regular use. Despite some flaws, the headphones are popular due to their affordable price and well-balanced sound.

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What’s In the Box

When you get the Cowin e7 headphones, here are the things you’ll find in the box:

  • Cowin e7 noise cancellation headphones
  • Instructions manual
  • Audio cable
  • USB cable
  • A carrying pouch

That’s pretty much all you need for a headphone, so there’s no need to buy any extra accessories.

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Noise Cancellation

Cowin e7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones Review

First off, let’s talk about the feature that the headphones are known for: noise cancellation. According to several tests, the sound isolation of this model isn’t as great as some other headphones in the same price range.

On average, the headphones can achieve an 8dB reduction in sound, which is considered below average. However, it’s easy to control the noise cancellation feature, considering there’s a button on the earcup. You can turn the isolation on and off as required.

If you travel to work and want to cancel our surrounding noise from the traffic, the Cowin e7 can aid you in that.


A common issue with low-budget headphones is leakage. You’d be sitting on the bus listening to your favorite song, and the whole bus would be able to hear it. It sucks, doesn’t it?

Well, leakage is not a concern with the Cowin e7 headphones. Although there’s a little bit of leakage, it’s not loud enough to be heard by those around you, unless you’re blasting a playlist on the highest volume in a quiet room.

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Do you wear your headphones for eight to ten hours a day? In that case, you must be looking for something comfortable that does not hurt your ears. The Cowin e7 headphones are comfortable enough for long-term wear.

Since they’re well-padded, you won’t feel them cutting through your ears. However, the size does not extend enough to fit larger head sizes.

Other than that, the headphones are quite lightweight, and the headband is soft, so it does not hurt your scalp.

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Although the Cowin e7 headphones are comfortable for your head and ears, they tend to increase the temperature with prolonged usage. If you’re doing intense exercises, the headphones will make your sweat too.

Thus, if you need an audio device for long-term wear, we’d suggest opting for in-ear headphones.

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Cowin e7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones Review

The Cowin e7 is pretty stylish in its build and color. However, they might seem a bit bulky for some people. Also, they have a glossy finish, which is awesome if you like that extra detail.

Just a warning: the glossy finish retains fingerprints and gets smudged easily.


The Cowin e7 headphones come in a basic pouch. Although it can protect the headphones from scratches, it won’t do much against water damage or intense impact.

So, you should either buy a different case for the headphones or keep them safe from damage yourself.

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Since the headphones are so cheap, it would be unfair to expect a premium build. For the price, the Cowin e7 headphones have a decent build. If you’re used to high-end headphones, you may find the build a bit cheap.

The headband has a metal frame while the ear cups are made of plastic. Don’t worry, though; the headphone won’t break in a few falls. However, don’t expect them to be too durable.


When it comes to portability, the Cowin e7 does not impress much. One, they’re large, so you can’t fit them easily in your backpack. Secondly, they do not fold, so you won’t be able to save any space.

However, you can keep the headphones around your neck, considering the ear cups remain flat and don’t bother much.


Let’s discuss control now because you’d want to adjust the headphone’s settings according to your needs. Here are the controls that you’ll find on the Cowin e7 headphones:

  • Call Control
  • Music Control
  • Volume Control
  • Noise Cancellation

Overall, the controls are responsive, so you won’t have any trouble with that. Additionally, you can enable Noise canceling and Bluetooth using a dedicated button.

The only problem that you might have is that the buttons feel a bit cramped. Their layout could have been better, to make them more accessible for all users.


The Cowin e7 headphones do not connect with any phone app. They support Bluetooth version 4.0 and do not allow multi-device pairing.

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Coming to one of the most important factors, the Cowin e7’s sound is of a darker size. There’s a high emphasis on the bass and muddiness as you go to the low-mid level. In some tracks, the sound may seem farther away, reducing detail.

Overall, the bass accuray is quite great, delivering a thumping sound. The only issue remains the over-emphasis that can be experienced in the high-bass range. As a result, the sound may be boomy.

Here are a few details to consider:

  • The bass amount is 2.13dB.
  • The treble amount is -6.47dB.

As for the frequency response, it’s incredible. So, you can expect the Cowin e7 headphones to deliver consistent frequency across multiple users.

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The Cowin e7 headphones have a rechargeable battery with a life of up to 26 hours. The charge time is 3.5 hours, while the charging port is micro-USB.

If you’re in a rush, you can charge the headphones for 10 minutes to get a playback time of 45 minutes. Even when charging, the headphones allow passive playback.


The Cowin e7 has an integrated mic with a mediocre quality or recording. The voice sounds muffled, and may even get things, but is still audible.

Although the mic does a decent job in quiet environments, it won’t be able to separate the background noise from the speed in louder workplaces.

Bottom Line: Are the Cowin e7 Headphones Worth it?

Cowin e7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones Review

To wrap up, we can say that the Cowin e7 headphones are suitable for people who don’t plan to use the microphone much. They have a mediocre sound range, with over-emphasis on the higher bass range. As for comfort, the headphones sit comfortably on your head without causing fatigue or excessive sweat.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly headphones merely to enjoy music, you can opt for these but if you need the microphone as well, maybe look for another option. We hope this Cowin e7 noise canceling headphones review helped you make a decision.

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Best Android Smartwatches 2020: Complete Buying Guide

Best Android Smartwatches 2020
Best Android Smartwatches 2020

If you’re looking for the best android smartwatch 2020, you’re in the right place. The perfect watch to wear on your wrist is the one that looks elegant and has effective features. Additionally, an Android smartwatch will integrate seamlessly with your Android phone, making it easy for you to use both of them together. 

Fortunately, you have a ton of options when choosing Android smartwatches, as there’s a huge selection of them available with great features. Even better, all of them are stylish and work well with your personal Android phone.

In this guide, we have ranked ten of the best android smartwatches in this definitive list. Our criteria for choosing the best watch revolves around the number of features, basic notification functionality, fitness features – such as step counting and tracking walks, runs – and overall style.

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Moreover, you’ll also find best android smartwatches in this review that have a heart rate sensor, support mobile payments, and offer NFC. At the end of the day, it’s totally up to you if you want a regular wristwatch or something that comes with great functionality and stunning features.

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What is the Best Smartwatch for Android?

When you’re looking for the best smartwatch for android phoneF, there are a few things to consider to get the best product for your money.


First and foremost, you must consider the size of the watch. Are you looking for a smaller model or do you want something with a bigger display?

Depending on your personal preference and the purpose you’re using the watch for, you can choose the right size for your wrists.


Android smartwatches are basically made following two designs: sporty and classic. However, the options are not limited to these designs as you can find a variety of watches.

Opt for a watch that matches your personal style and adds a touch of personalization to your arm candy that a regular watch cannot achieve.

For instance, if you like quirky and playful designs, choose a Fitbit watch. The Fitbit watches come in several styles and almost all models have interchangeable straps.


As you can see from our list, the Wear OS platform is one of the most common ones on smartwatches. Are you looking for a watch that runs Tizen or do you prefer a Fitbit OS? Select your watch accordingly.

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Everyone uses a smartwatch for different purposes. While some people use it for fitness, others need it to facilitate their daily work life.

If you’re looking for a fitness watch, go for one that has features such as heart rate monitor and steps tracking. Likewise, if you need a watch for daily work, you should select one with NFC, Bluetooth, and Google Pay functionality.

Like the best Android phones, the best Android watches also don’t fall behind in terms of app support. You don’t need an iPhone individual review to figure that out. Thus, you won’t have trouble finding a watch to meet your needs.

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Let’s recommend you watches that we have tested for quality and design.

1.     Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Best Android Smartwatches 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 runs Tizen OS and has display specifications of 1.2″ or 1.3″ 360 x 360 Super AMOLED, supported by a dual-core 1.15 GHz processor. With onboard storage of 4GB and a battery duration of 4 days on 46mm, and less on 42mm, the watch is pretty suitable for people who need it for work purposes.

The android smartwatch is available in two band sizes: 22mm or 20mm, and you can choose the one that fits your wrists best. Featuring a wireless charging method plus an IP rating of 50m, the watch is suitable for people who’re always on the go.

As for connectivity, the Wi-Fi functionality allows you to connect to the web whenever you want. You can use this watch for everyday wear in the company of your corporate friends as it has a premium design and top-end specs that will make you the envy of others.  Plus, it has fitness tracking apps and sports features that make it a wise option for sporty people.

Overall, the watch has an impressive battery life and useful rotating bezel with Tizen software that makes it compatible with Android devices. Our favorite feature has to be the Bixby connect, which comes in handy when you need digital assistance.

  • Has a helpful rotating bezel
  • Available in 46mm and 42mm wrist sizes
  • Has an annoying charger
  • Could be a bit cheaper, considering the specs

2.   Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Best Android Smartwatches 2020

Using Tizen OS, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has Android and iOS compatibility plus a 1.2″ or 1.4″ 360 x 360 Super AMOLED display. Furthermore, the Dual-core 1.15GHz  processor offers great performance for people who need a watch for everyday wear.

An updated design for the original Watch Active, the Active 2 is a newer model with 4GB of onboard storage and a battery duration of around 2 days. However, there are limited band sizes as you can only find the watch in 20mm band.

The ‘Active’ branding suggests that the watch is ideal for onboard coaching suggestions, fitness tracking, and workouts. You can set reminders for running, cycling, and swimming and set goals for your sporty activities. Plus, make use of Wi-Fi connectivity for accessing the web.

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One of the most notable things about the watch is that you only have to charge it a few times a week as it has a two-day battery life and wireless charging method.

Making it better than your regular Galaxy Watch is the fact that this model is waterproof, does a great job of handling notifications, supports digital touch bezel, and has great battery life. But then again, all these perks come at a price as the watch is more expensive than previous gen models.

  • Allows you to set goals for fitness and sports
  • Has a decent battery life
  • A high IP rating of 50m
  • Limited third party apps
  • Is more expensive than previous models

3.     Fitbit Versa 2

Best Android Smartwatches 2020

It’s unfair to talk about the best Android smartwatches and not mention the Fitbit Versa 2, running on Fitbit OS and dual-core 1.0GHz processor. Boasting a battery duration of 5 days and an onboard storage of 2.5GB, the watch has great specs that are incredible for daily proceedings.

It uses a proprietary charger as the charging method and features the TBC display with 1000 nits of brightness. So, you’ll view the screen easily even in bright light. As for the convenience of use, the 50M water resistant IP rating and Wi-Fi connectivity take care of that.

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Before Google took over the company, Fitbit had already made three smartwatches, including this one. What makes it stand out from other watches is the extensive range of color and strap options with day-to-day health features.

We can’t sing long songs in praise of the watch as it has limited apps, no messaging option, and a slightly childish design. Plus, it lacks GPS.

However, its core fitness tracking makes this watch a winner. Moreover, Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant makes the watch more convenient for people who need digital assistance.

  • Has a strong five day battery life
  • Tracks fitness
  • Has third-party watch face selection
  • Does not have GPS
  • Childish design
  • Lacks messaging functionality

4.   Fossil Sport

Best Android Smartwatches 2020

If you’re a sports person, you’ll like the Wear OS-supported Fossil watch with a 1.2-inch 390 x 390 AMOLED display and quad-core 1.2GHz processor. Moreover, the watch has a duration of two days and a proprietary charging method with an onboard storage of 4GB. As for the band sizes, the watch is available in 22mm straps.

More importantly, the IP68 IP rating makes the watch suitable for sport-related tasks. Being the first watch on our list with the Wear OS software, the Fossil Sport is lightweight enough to be worn during exercise and has Wi-Fi connectivity. 

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It’s quite evident that the manufacturers were going for a sporty focus as the watch comes with an accurate heart rate monitor and a slicker design than many. Despite being sporty, the watch feels premium and is one of the most powerful Wear OS watches, boasting the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset inside.

  • Has a lightweight design
  • Is a powerful watch with a superior chipset
  • Lacks high-end features
  • Slow GPS

5.    TicWatch E2

Best Android Smartwatches 2020

Sporting a 1.39″ 400 x 400 OLED display and a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, the TicWatch E2 is a Wear OS watch you’ve probably never heard of. It has an onboard storage of 4GB and a battery duration of 48h – with magnetic connecting pin charging method – making it suitable for everyday use.

It’s one of the cheapest devices with fantastic features that you’ll find in the market. The watch’s Chinese manufacturer Mobvoi has made a huge improvement in this update of the first-gen watch, but it still falls behind mainstream brands such as Samsung.

Apart from the lack of Google Play, the watch has plenty of similar features to the watches mentioned above, including an IP67 IP rating and Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Easily two day battery life
  • Has a bland design
  • Lacks Google Play and NFC

6.   TicWatch Pro

Best Android Smartwatches 2020

Being one of the powerful devices from the company, the TicWatch Pro works on Wear OS and has a 1.4″ 400 x 400 OLED display with a paired LCD screen. Thanks to the  Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and onboard storage of 4GB, the watch has all the essential features you need.

As for connectivity, it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1, so you can always stay connected to your Android smartphone. Although the watch isn’t as cheap as some other options in this list, it has two displays and a battery during up to 48h with 5 extra days on Essential Mode. Thus, we won’t mind paying a little extra for these specs.

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One of the two displays is a see-through version, which lets you run the watch on low-battery mode and use all the features on a low charge. The magnetic connecting pin charging method allows you to fill the watch’s juice conveniently.

Although the watch isn’t made for everyone’s taste, it’s the IP rating of IP68 and premium design makes it a good choice for people who’re not bothered to spend a few extra bucks.

  • Has two display
  • Has an innovative screen tech
  • Has limited app support
  • No LTE features

7.    Fitbit Ionic

Best Android Smartwatches 2020

Featuring the Fitbit OS and TBC display with 1000 nits, the Fitbit Ionic is an incredible option if you’re looking for a watch with different colors and straps. It’s Dual-core 1.0GHz processor is powerful enough for everyday activities. Plus, the watch has large band sizes for bigger wrists.

Moreover, the 2.5GB onboard storage and 50M water resistant IP rating allow the watch to serve as a smart friend that takes care of your schedules and lets you connect to the web, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity.

Since it has a proprietary charger charging method, you can take the watch on your travels. Our favorite feature has to be the 2.3 days battery duration, which allows you to use the watch for days on end without recharging.

  • Has a bright display
  • Large band sizes
  • Seems too childish
  • Lacks some high-end features

8.   Misfit Vapor 2

Best Android Smartwatches 2020

Running on the Wear OS platform, the Misfit Vapor 2 has an 1.2-inch or 1.4-inch display, 360 x 360 AMOLED display and a dual-core 1.0 GHz processor for satisfactory performance. The watch does everything that it is supposed to do without having too many extra features as the expensive watches do.

The 200mm straps and band sizes ensure that this watch fits on a variety of wrist sizes while the 24-hour battery duration makes it suitable for daily use. Like most other watches on this list, this one also supports a proprietary charging method with 4GB onboard storage.

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If you’re looking for an effective watch with Wi-Fi connectivity at an affordable price, this could be a good option.

As for the performance, the watch has gotten an upgrade to the older Snapdragon 2100 chipset which was much slower than the Vapor 2. Overall, the watch handles everything from your NFC to contactless payments. However, the IP Rating is N/A.

  • Is affordable
  • Has built-in GPS
  • NFC
  • Is a bit flimsy
  • Doesn’t work well with iOS

9.   Honor Magic Watch 2

Best Android Smartwatches 2020

The Honor Magic Watch 2 runs on LiteOS and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It has an 1.2-inch / 1.39-inch 454 x 454 AMOLED display, which is pretty standard for a watch in this price range.

Plus, it has a 4GB onboard storage and battery duration of up to 7 days, which has to be the most exciting feature. If you travel a lot and need a watch that you can take along with yourself, this is the one.

Along with sporting a blocky look and a sleek design, the watch has a better battery life than other options in this list.

Another highlighting feature of this best android smartwatch for women is the Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity. So, you can connect to your Android phone and make Google play payments easily.

  • Has a long battery life
  • Plenty of fitness features
  • Attracts too much dust
  • Very limited non-fitness features

10. Skagen Falser 3

Best Android Smartwatches 2020

The Skagen Falser 3 is one of the best choices if you’re buying a watch to flaunt on weddings, a masquerade, workplace, or the sports court. Being one of the top choice Android watches for most people, the Skagen Falser 3 can give the Samsung Galaxy Watch a run for its money.

It has a 42mm / 1.3″, 328×328 AMOLED display and a battery life of up to two days.Thus, if you’re going on a trip, you can charge the watch once and be sorted. For fitness, it has sleep tracking, heart rate monitor, and automatic workout.

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Also, it has a built-in speaker that allows you to take calls no matter wherever you are. The Google Pay support allows you to pay for anything you want using your watch.

However, we put this watch among our best smartwatches picks because it has a classic design that is hard to find elsewhere.

  • Has an attractive design
  • Allows you to take calls
  • Incredible quality display
  • Is very expensive
  • Uses 22mm bands

Final Verdict

Judging these ten watches on the basis of their features, design, and appearance, we have to admit that android smartwatches are going to be the big thing of tomorrow. Along with integrating with your Android phones, these watches are also great for fitness freaks and people who generally love tech and innovation.

In this guide, we discussed ten of the best Android smartwatches 2020 to help you purchase the one that meets all your needs. Hopefully, you would have found the watch of your choice by now.

Let us know which best android fitness smartwatch you selected and why it stood out.

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How to Get Apple Watch Faces Rolex?

How to Get Rolex Faces on Apple Watch

Let’s just admit that Apple has crappy watch faces, so many of you might be wondering how to get Rolex faces on Apple watch because that would be pretty cool.

Before we start mentioning the process, we’d just want to let you know that there’s nothing to worry about. If you want your Apple watch to have sleek faces, this is the right way to do it.

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Without further ado, let’s get into the process.

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Download the App

To get Rolex faces on Apple watch, the first thing you need to do is to download a Chinese app that will help you do this. Needless to say, this app is not available on the Apple store, so you’ll have to download it from your browser.

  • The app’s name is Jingwatch. Type it in your browser and click on the first link that appears. (https://watch.bbqe.com/)
  • When you’re directed to the app’s page, click on the three horizontal lines on the right-hand side.
  • This will open the menu. Select Installation from this drop-down menu.
  • Click on Install. The phone will ask you for confirmation. When you see the notification, click on Install again.
  • Wait for the app to install on your phone.
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Authorize the App

how to get Rolex faces on Apple watch

After installing the app, you have to authorize it. If you try to use it without authorization, you’ll notice that it does not even open. That’s because you have not downloaded the app from Apple Store but from the browser.

  • To authorize the app, go to your phone’s settings.
  • In the Settings menu, go to General.
  • Go to Device Management.
  • Here you’ll see the app developer’s name, China Telecom Corporation.
  • Tap the option and then tap Trust to authorize the application.

Now, when you open the app, it will start working normally.

Download in Apple Watch

Since the app is supposed to make changes to the Apple watch, you have to ensure that it is installed there. To do that, go to the Apple Watch app on your phone and scroll down until you reach the end.

Here, you’ll see that the app is either downloading or is downloaded. If it is still downloading, wait for it to happen before proceeding with the rest of this guide.

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Go to the App

Start the app and create an account. Go to the Personal tab and put in your information to create an account.

After signing up, sign in to your account. When you’re logged in, you’ll see plenty of options.

Now, you need to keep in mind that some faces might be paid. If you’re planning to buy paid faces, you should click on the Currency option and credit your account.

For instance, if a face costs $5, you can credit your account with PayPal or Credit Card. Once you add the money to your account, you’ll get credit to buy the Rolex face.

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Download Rolex Faces

Now, you’re ready to get the face of your choice.

  • For that, click on the icon in the middle of the app homepage, which looks like a gift box. This will take you to the face store, where you can buy or get for free different faces like Casio, Rolex, and Hermes.
  • Since we’re looking for a Rolex face, search for it on the search bar, and you’ll see multiple options in the results.
  • When you select a certain face, you’ll be able to preview it as how it would appear on your Apple Watch. At the bottom, you’ll see other options from the same developers.
  • If the face is paid, you’ll see the option to buy it at the bottom too. As you’ve already credited your account, you can go ahead and buy the face of your choice.
  • You don’t necessarily have to pay for a face as some of them are free too.
  • To check all the faces you have bought or download, tap My Faces at the left corner of the app screen, and you’ll see a list of all your faces.

Get the Face on the Watch

how to get Rolex faces on Apple watch

Now that you have bought or downloaded the faces, you can go ahead and add it to your watch.

  • Press the digital crown on your Apple Watch, and you’ll see all the downloaded apps.
  • Tap on Jing Watch.
  • When you press on the app, the first face in your My Faces list will appear on the watch.
  • If you want to choose another face, press on the screen for a few seconds.
  • You’ll see the option for My Faces.
  • Tap on it, and you’ll see all the faces you have downloaded or bought.
  • From here, choose the Rolex face, and it will appear on your Apple Watch screen.
  • Alternatively, you can choose the face of your phone, and it will load on the watch automatically.

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The best part about this method is that the watch does not forget the face you have selected. Even when the screen goes out, you’ll see the same face when you move your wrist, and the screen comes to life again.

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That brings us to the end of this guide. Now, you know how to get Rolex faces on Apple Watch in just a few minutes. Which face will you get for your Apple Watch?

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8 Best Graphics Cards for VR In 2020 & Beyond!

best graphics card for VR

You need the best graphics card for VR to enjoy the virtual reality experience to the fullest. Being key hardware for virtual reality gameplay, the graphics card can ruin or enhance your gaming experience.

While most experts suggest getting a Radeon or NVIDIA graphics card, there are so many options that it’s hard to settle on just one.

Why Do You Need a Powerful Graphics Card?

While you can rely on a low-end graphics card for non-VR gaming, you have to invest in an excellent virtual reality graphics card because VR puts a lot of burden on your computer.

But that’s not the only reason you need to buy a powerful GPU for VR.

First and foremost, your VR headset will have a particular resolution and FPS requirement that you have to meet. For instance, the Oculus Rift has a resolution of 1080 x 1200. Double the resolution as there is one screen for each eye.

The total comes up to 2160 x 1200, which is much higher than your conventional 1080p monitor resolution. Also, the headset screens have a high refresh rate i.e., 90Hz.

Thus, they need a powerful graphics card to run the game smoothly without glitches.

If the screen resolution is 2160 x 1200, your good old standard GPU will have a hard time running it at 90fps, so you’ll likely see a lag in the display.

To prevent this, you need to have the best graphics card for VR, as it will allow smooth VR gameplay. Plus, it will keep the system cool even when the games get intense or are running for too long.

In this article, we’ll help you find the best graphics card for VR to make your gaming experience a hit.

AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

best graphics card for VR

Boasting the 7nm Navi architecture, this is one of the best GPUs from AMD, offering you the performance needed for a glitch-free VR experience – and that too at a reasonable price.

You can use this best graphics card for VR with any VR headset and enjoy your VR experience without a lag. With 8GB of VRAM and 448GB memory, the graphics card lets you run the most demanding games with ease.

Most importantly, you’ll benefit from the FreeSync2 refresh rate, which will prevent tearing on monitors. 

  • Value for money
  • FreeSynch technology
  • Has Displayport connectivity
  • Has HDMI connectivity
  • Works with any VR headset
  • Doesn’t have the RTX features of NVIDIA
  • Not powerful enough for hardcore users

AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT

best graphics card for VR

Needless to say, AMD is one of the top choices when it comes to buying the best graphics card for VR. Hence, the second appearance in a row on our list.

If you’re looking for a mid-range graphics card, this one can satisfy your needs by working just as well as the NVIDIA’s RTX 2060 Super.

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Although it doesn’t have the RTX perks, it’s still a favorable pick, considering the price point. Don’t expect this best graphics card for VR to tear the roof with performance, but it can definitely pack an enjoyable experience for you.

Featuring 6GB of VRAM, 336GB of memory bandwidth, and clock speeds of up to 1750MHz, this card can give you a top-grade 1080p viewing experience.

Just like the AMD card mentioned above, this one also comes with AMD FreeSync technology and a Displayport. To add, it can power any VR headset you’re using.

  • Can be used with any VR headset
  • Suitable for 1080p gaming
  • Can also be pushed to 1440p monitors
  • Comes with AMD FreeSync tech
  • Lacks RTX perks

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super

best graphics card for VR

Sure, the AMD graphics cards are amazing at what they do, but they lack the RTX features offered by NVIDIA. If you want to experience ray tracing and other RTX features, try this NVIDIA graphics card for VR.

With 8GB of RAM, clocking speeds of up to 1770MHz, and a 448GB memory, the graphics card is a great addition to your VR den.

While AMD’s best graphics card for VR used a 7nm process, this NVIDIA graphics card has a 12nm architecture, which is just as efficient.

Although it’s more expensive than the AMD competitors, the graphics card lets you enjoy the lower end of 4k too. If you are not playing in VR and would want less stuttering on the screen, use a G-Sync monitor.

  • Top-notch VR experience
  • Suitable for 1440p gaming
  • Has an HDMI connection
  • Comes with G-Sync technology
  • Has RTX benefits like DLSS 2.0
  • Is expensive
  • Not the best value for money

Gigabyte RTX 2080 Ti

best graphics card for VR

If money is not a concern and all you care about is getting the best out of a graphics card, this is the right choice for you. Boasting 11GB RAM and 1665MHz clock speeds, the graphics card will deliver a stellar performance for every monitor, headset, and VR game.

Besides, the best graphics card for VR has three-fan cooling, which will keep the system cool even when you’re playing demanding titles.

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Additionally, the customizable lighting lets you add a personalized touch to your VR gaming experience while the plethora of ports allow you to stay connected to multiple monitors at once.

Let’s just say that all you need to have are deep pockets and a PC case that is compatible with the card. Then, nothing can stop you from having the time of your life during a VR gameplay.

  • Has an 11 GB VRAM
  • Has two HDI and DisplayPorts
  • RGB lighting can be customized
  • Stellar performance
  • Three cooling fans
  • Extremely expensive (well above $1000)

MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 Super

best graphics card for VR

Although the GeForce GTC 1660 Super graphics card features the Turing architecture of the RTX cards, it lacks some capabilities such as the DLSS 2.0 and ray tracing. However, that’s justified for the low-end price point.

This best graphics card for VR has 6GB RAM, 1830MHz clock speeds, and 336GB memory bandwidth. As you can see, the specs are pretty impressive for the price range.

Even when you’re not playing in VR, the graphics card with boost the power of 1080p gaming, while the G-Sync technology plays a role in reducing tearing on the screen.

  • A budget-friendly price
  • Has G-Sync technology
  • 1080p monitor performance
  • Turing architecture
  • Does not have ray-tracing cores
  • Not exactly for top-tier virtual reality experience

EVGA 11G-P4-2487-KR GeForce RTX 2080

best graphics card for VR

Featuring a 1755MHz real boost clock, this graphics card allows a tear-free VR experience with refresh rates going up to 240Hz. Plus, the triple fans ensure that the card stays cool while performing.

Thanks to the adjustable RGB lighting, you can meet the PC lighting needs of your liking. Also, the 11GB GDDR6 RAM is just what you need for running demanding games.

Additionally, the RTX benefits include real-time ray tracing and programmable shading. Overall, the Turing architecture makes this best graphics card for VR a wise choice for top-tier gaming.

  • Has an 11GB RAM
  • 1755MHz clock speeds
  • Triple cooling fans
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Too pricy for the specs

XFX RX-590P8DFD6 Radeon Rx 590 Fatboy

best graphics card for VR

A successor to the Rx580, the Rx590 is a refreshed version with some additions in specs. Obviously, the most attractive thing about the GPU is its price, which makes it a reliable entry-level graphics card.

The Radeon 2304 stream processors offer an enjoyable gaming experience while the true-clock technology ensures efficient optimization in terms of performance.

The Fatboy can pair with any VR headset, delivering a stutter and tear-free gaming experience due to the AMD Liquid VR technology. 

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Depending on what BIOS you like, you can take advantage of the dual BIOS for customizing performance. For keeping the card cool, you can opt for Performance BIOS. On the other hand, if you are in the field for stealth, go for the Quiet Lower RPM BIOS.

Equipped with the Zero DB fan system, the best graphics card for VR will keep the fans running efficiently to keep the noise to a minimum.

As the game gets intense and more performance is required, the fans will speed up as required.

  • Has enhanced VRM
  • Memory cooling
  • 5% lesser dB noise
  • Dual BIOS
  • Premium HDR
  • Is too large
  • Has high power system requirements

ZOTAC Gaming GeForce GTX 1660

best graphics card for VR

Here’s a one-minute review for this graphics card: Zotac has done a great job at making an SFF-friendly card that has a smooth and quiet operation under high load. However, when it comes to price, the GeForce is quite pricey, and you can find similar options for much less.

Coming to details, the GPU uses Turing architecture and does not have RTX support, like most other cards of its sort. Plus, it has three DisplayPorts and an HDMI port for connectivity.

As for the clock speeds, 1770 MHz is quite sufficient for most gamers, while the 6GB memory is a bit lower than some other options on this list.

One of the more impressive things about this GPU is efficient cooling. Even when you’re playing high-powered games, the best graphics card for VR won’t go above 75C, which is something many cards don’t manage to attain.

  • Overall efficient performance
  • Overclocking options
  • Multiple ports
  • Faster than its predecessors
  • Limited memory
  • Does not have RTX features

Final Words

With this, we come to our conclusion. If you are a VR enthusiast, you will know the importance of a best graphics card for VR. Even if you’re a newbie, take our word for it: you definitely need a reliable graphic card to enjoy a glitch and lag-free gaming experience in virtual reality.

Hopefully, the options on this list would have helped you make a choice for your gaming needs. Let us know which graphics card you are planning to buy and why do you think it will be suitable for you.

8 Best VR Headsets for VRChat In 2020

best VR headset for VRChat

If you’re looking for the best VR headset for VRChat, you’re in the right place as we’ll be discussing several options in this article. While some of them are quite high-tech, others are simple mobile add-ons that can transport you to the alternate worlds of games.

But how do you choose the best VR headset? If you’re buying a headset for the first time, you’ll need guidance. Even if you’ve already used one, you’ll need some help choosing a new headset as the technology keeps improving daily.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you buy the best VR headset for VRChat, you must know a few things. In this section, we will discuss some factors to be considered before purchasing a headset.

PC Requirements

VRChat has some PC requirements that are accessible from their website. Just to simplify, your PC should run Windows 8.1 or higher and have a 4GB RAM. Also, it must have NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970 / AMD Radeon™ R9 290 or above and Intel® i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350 processor or above. Plus, the computer must support DirectX Version 11 for you to use VRChat.

If your PC doesn’t fulfill the requirements, you should either upgrade it or get a new PC. There is no use of buying a VR headset for VRChat if your computer does not have the required specifications.

Audio Quality

If you’re looking for a VR headset with superior audio quality, you’ll find the Vive VR headset to be an ideal pick.

Make sure you check the audio specs of a headset before buying it as some headsets need ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or BYOD for the ultimate audio experience.


Since VRChat offers different environments, you can choose the headset that supports all or most elements. The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift S support all aspects, while other headsets only support few features.

Some headsets offer Windows Mixed Reality, which is a combination of virtual and augmented reality. If you’re looking for a low-budget headset, look for the ones that have Windows Mixed Reality, as they generally have cheaper builds.

Let’s discuss some of the best headsets available in the market.

HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset

best VR headset for VRChat

The HTC virtual reality headset offers vibrant colors with 2880 x 1660 and sharper details. Also, it has impressive tracking that covers all your movements to the nearest millimeter.

As for the audio, you’ll have a ball of a time with the high impedance headphones and their noise cancellation technology. Moreover, it has an ergonomic design, which allows full comfort for enjoying your favorite games.

Along with the headset, you’ll also get unlimited VR playing for over 700 games for two months.


  • 22’11″‘ x 22’11” space
  • Two months of Viveport Infinity
  • 360-degree controller
  • High impedance headphones
  • Noise cancellation technology

Get HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset From Amazon

Acer (AH101-D8EY) Windows Mixed Reality Headset

best VR headset for VRChat

With a display size of 2.89 inches and a resolution of 2,880 x 1,440, this is one of the best headsets that you can invest in. It has a refresh rate of 90Hz, which is suitable for most gaming titles.

Moreover, a 100-degree field of view means that you won’t miss any action. Also, it has tracking sensors, including a gyroscope and a magnetometer.

Equipped with Acer’s technology, the headset eliminates the need for external sensors for interacting with your environment. As a result, you can get information about your surrounding more efficiently and move freely.

As soon as you get the box, you can start playing as no extensive setup is required. Plus, if someone talks to you during playing, you don’t have to take the headset off. Simply lift the flip visor and get in touch with the real world around you.


  • 2,880 x 1,440 resolution
  • 90Hz refresh rate
  • Inside Out B+W VGA camera
  • 13 feet cable length
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer

Get Acer (AH101-D8EY) Windows Mixed Reality Headset From Amazon

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

best VR headset for VRChat

You can’t possibly talk about VR headsets without mentioning Oculus Rift. It allows you to play tons of games already present in the Oculus store. Besides, the next-generation lenses and crisp display ensure that you enjoy every game to the fullest.

Oculus employs improved optics in their headsets, which means that you’ll be able to experience vivid colors. Additionally, the Halo headband speaks for the ergonomic design, which is suitable for speedy movements.

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Now, you can beat all your friends in any game because the Oculus touch controllers make sure that your throes and slashes in the games are as realistic as possible. Without the need for external sensors, the headset translates all your movements, no matter what direction they are in.


  • Improved optics
  • Halo headband
  • Hundreds of games
  • Two touch controllers
  • Room-scale tracking

Get Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset From Amazon

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality Headset

best VR headset for VRChat

Believe us when we say this: you can’t really go wrong with Samsung. This headset has a 3k AMOLED display with a 110 field of view, letting you experience virtual reality the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Along with that, the auto-adjust contrast and ultra-deep blacks show even the tiniest detail from the darkest scenes. The headset also gives you easy access to the Windows Store, where thousands of games are waiting to be played.

Thanks to the AKG headphones, you’ll be able to experience premium sound. Apart from using high-quality materials, Samsung has also focused on the comfort level of the user. This headset is 10% lighter than average headsets and sits comfortably on the user’s forehead.

With the headset, you also get two months of unlimited access to all your favorite titles.


  • Access to streamer libraries
  • 3600 spatial sound
  • Auto-adjust contrast
  • Precision-controlled LEDs
  • 3k AMOLED display
  • Infinity subscription for two months

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HTC Vive Pro Eye Virtual Reality Headset

best VR headset for VRChat

The HTC Pro Eye headset has a precision eye-tracking system that offers precise tracking of eye movement. Additionally, it provides foveated rendering with optimized graphic fidelity.

When it comes to simulation, the HTC Pro Eye is hard to match as it delivers incredible graphics and text. Plus, it is built for comfort; thus, it sits perfectly on your forehead. It caters to different head sizes so that you don’t get tired during extended VR sessions.

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With the headset, you also get two months of Viveport Infinity to play over 700 games with your buddies.


  • Foveated rendering
  • Two months of Viveport Infinity
  • User analytics
  • Precise eye-tracking
  • Visual fidelity

Get HTC Vive Pro Eye Virtual Reality Headset From Amazon

Sony PlayStation VR

best VR headset for VRChat

This Sony VR headset delivers incredible performance, transporting you into a new world, where you can experience sounds and visuals in the best possible way. You don’t need to set up anything as the VR follows a plug-and-play system.

Owing to its Advanced 1080 display, the headset can run up to 120 frames in a second, letting you enjoy every second of the gameplay. Plus, it has 3D Audio Technology, which means that you’ll be able to hear sounds coming from all directions.


  • Advanced VR display
  • Plus and play
  • 120 frames per second
  • 1080p OLED display
  • 3D Audio technology

Get Sony PlayStation VR from Amazon

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 128GB

best VR headset for VRChat

The all-in-one headset saves you from the hassle of wires, leaving all limits behind. While armed with the Oculus touch controllers, your gestures in the game will be seen in realistic precision.

No matter where you are, it takes a few minutes to set up the controllers so that you can play in your home or at your friend’s. Similarly, the headset offers the same level of performance no matter how big, or small a space is.


Thanks to the Guard technology, you won’t knock over anything around you, making sure that you play in a controlled environment.


  • All-in-one headset
  • Two touch controller
  • Easy setup
  • Guard technology

Get Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 128GB From Amazon

Google Daydream View

best VR headset for VRChat

If you want to experience the world of VR truly, opt for the Google Daydream View, which can be used for much more than just games. From enjoying concerts to sports matches, you can experience everything in a panoramic 360-degree view with this VR headset.

Made of breathable fabric, the Daydream is exceptionally lightweight and comfortable for all head sizes. Possibly the best thing about the Google Daydream is its connectivity to the Daydream app, where you can find tons of games to play.

All you have to do is put your phone (which is Daydream-ready) in the headset and enjoy your favorite movies, sports matches, and VRChat.


  • Daydream app compatibility
  • Handy storage
  • Panoramic 360-degree view
  • Durable fabric build
  • Compatible with Daydream-ready phones

Get Google Daydream View From Amazon

Final Words

Now that we have discussed the best VR headsets for VRChat, you can easily make a decision about which one to choose. Obviously, on the top of your head, the Oculus Rift will seem like a good choice, but there are plenty of other options, too, as we have mentioned.

Depending on your personal preferences and PC specs, you can choose a headset for VRChat and everything else related to virtual reality.

Take your time to decide which headset you want to choose as you’ll be spending a few hundred bucks. Let us know which VR headset you decided to buy and why it is the best choice for you.

7 Best Oculus Rift Games In 2020

best oculus rift games

If you’re looking for the best Oculus Rift games, you’re in the right place. Games are an incredible way to spend free time and stay entertained. Throw in VR, and the experience gets even better.

However, no one wants to be stuck playing a terribly-executed game. Thus, we’ve put together a list of Oculus Rift games that will make your boredom evaporate in no time.

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew

best oculus rift games

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is an excellent game specially designed for virtual reality playing. The full-body avatars, coupled with lip-syncing, let players experience the actual feeling of being in the game.

In the game, you’re an office on a starship working with your crew to coordinate actions. If you play in co-op, you can make your crew of up to four people, including the Engineer, Captain, Helm, and Tactical.

Spend your free time operating and completing a mission on the USS Aegis, a magnificent ship with everything you need on deck. To be victorious, you have to communicate with the crew and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

You need Intel i5-4590, AMD FX 8350 processor, and 4GB of RAM to play the game. Supporting Windows OS, the game is a great way to spend time with friends and hone your strategic skills.

  • Has an amazing storyline
  • Has lip-syncing feature
  • Supports multi-player gameplay
  • Not many ship options
  • Players who have bought the game from different platforms can’t play together

The Mage’s Tale

best oculus rift games

If you’re fascinated with fairytales and magic, you’ll love The Mage’s Tale. In the game, you have to collect mystic ingredients and make custom spells in your workshop, using them.

Practicing mystic arts, you have to save your master who has been kidnapped by unknown sources. Go through complex puzzles while facing horrible monsters and avoiding deathly traps to conquer ten dungeons.

The game is beautifully designed and has everything from ancient crypts to dungeons where you have to pass through mysterious doors to find what’s behind them. You can sling spells at doorways and other things, solve puzzles, and get wards.

Comprising ten hours, the game is a mystery-filled adventure that will keep you hooked to your computer screen.

You need Intel i3-6100 / AMD FX4350 or higher and 8GB of RAM to play the game.

  • Has a long gameplay
  • Is beautifully-designed
  • A gripping storyline
  • Has higher system requirements than other games

The Unspoken

best oculus rift games

The Unspoken is a game for you to cast spells against friends and master the art of wizardry. You’re not getting your Hogwart’s letter any time soon. This game is the closest you can get to summoning things and forging shield.

From lifting police cars to literally raining fury on your opponents, the options in this game are endless. There are so many areas to cover and 25 spells to master.

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Developed by Insomniac Games, the game pulls you into a world of magician’s duels where you have to be the last man standing. All the magic lies in your fingertips, and you have to use it to make your way to the top ranks of the magic fight club.

Most importantly, the game has been precisely designed for Oculus Rift, and you’ll feel the awesome in design as soon as you pick it up. You need Intel i3-6100 / AMD FX4350 or greater and 8GB of RAM to play the game.

  • Full of magical wonders
  • Many spells to master
  • Opportunity to plays against strangers or friends
  • Terrific Oculus Rift integration
  • High system requirements

VR Sports Challenge

best oculus rift games

Stepping away from the world of mysteries and magic, let’s talk about VR Sports Challenge, which allows you to be an elite athlete. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10, the game is set in stadiums.

You have to perform everything from slapshots and catches to throws, getting the crowd to cheer you as you make your way towards victory. Thousands of rabid fans fill the stadium, watching every move you make.

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You need Intel i3-6100 / AMD FX4350 or greater and 8GM of RAM to play the game.

So, get your helmet, lace up your boots, and step into the stadium, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

  • Is a cool sporty game
  • Innovative controls and features
  • Interactive audio
  • Poor instructions for how to download on Oculus

ARKTIKA.1 – Oculus Rift

best oculus rift games

Made by the award-winning creators of the Metro series, Arktika 1 is a beautiful game for people who’re interested in shooting games. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic era, and the environment has plenty of futuristic quirks that you’ll love.

Set in old Russia, the Arktika 1 colony has every vile creature from scary creatures to marauders. You have to protect the territory by dodging the destructors and using high-tech weapons to keep yourself alive.

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Apart from the fantastic storyline, the game has stunning graphics that will keep you glued to the controller for hours on end.

You need Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater and 8GB RAM to play the game.

  • Has a gripping story
  • Stunning AAA graphics
  • Cheaper than most other games
  • Cannot be used with Oculus Quest

From Other Suns

best oculus rift games

You can enjoy From Other Suns alone or with two of your buddies as it is built for three players. You’re on a ship, actually, the one managing it. Coordinate with your crew and upgrade your weapons to be equipped with everything you need to face the horrors of the sea.

Along with staying safe from pirate raiders, you also have to negotiate with merchants to manage the inventory on your ship. Possibly the best thing about the game is the randomizing universe. You’ll never have similar experiences.

Every encounter and experience will be different from the other. Once your crew members are finished, you’re done. Use your strategic skills to unlock better ships and weapons that can help you make the gameplay better and more exciting.

You need Intel I5-4590 and 8GB RAM to play the game.

  • Has a mesmerizing gameplay
  • Allows three-player gaming
  • The randomizing universe gives you new experiences every time
  • Hard to play solo

Wilson’s Heart

best oculus rift games

Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, Wilson’s Heart is a psychological thriller game set in the 1940s. You wake up in a hospital that has been drastically transformed and have to face horrific environmental hazards and pass through winding corridors with other patients.

So, what are you looking for? Your heart. Throughout the game, you have to look for your heard while beating the sinister inhabitants of the hospital.

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The game has exceptional performances from admirable actors, thus, making the gameplay as immersive as it could be.

No matter how many times you play the game, you’ll be faced with new encounters and unique enemies. There’s a lot to be discovered and fought throughout your journey.

You need Intel i3-6100 / AMD FX4350 or greater and 8GB RAM to play the game.

  • Has striking visuals
  • A new mystery with every gameplay
  • Has a compelling narrative
  • Doesn’t give much of a free range of motion

How to Choose The Best Oculus Rift Games?

VR has given a new touch to gaming, and Oculus Rift is one of the best devices for playing such games. When choosing the best games for Oculus Rift, keep a few factors into consideration.


First and foremost, take a look at the storyline. Most VR games have a very compelling storyline, keeping you indulged in gaming for hours.

Whether you like sports-based gaming or fighting wizards, you’ll find a suitable game for your taste.


A storyline can only captivate you if the game has an interactive experience. Make sure that the game has alluring visuals and captivating voiceovers.

Also, games with alternating situations and encounters are much more fun to play than those with similar experiences.

Number of Players

Depending on whether you like solo gameplay or solving puzzles and fighting monsters with friends, you’ll find a game for your liking. While some games are made for one-player settings, others allow you to play with up to two buddies.

Make sure that your friend has downloaded the game from the same platform. Otherwise, you might have trouble connecting.

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Final Words

If you have Oculus Rift, it’s only fair that you have the best games to play with it. Choose any game from this list and have a fun time playing alone, with friends or strangers.

Now that you know about the best Oculus Rift Games let us know which one you’ll be playing this weekend and why you love the gameplay.

10 Best 3rd Party Apple Watch Bands In 2020

Best 3rd Party Apple Watch Bands

Let’s admit it; not everyone can afford watch bands from the Apple store, so we decided to put together a list of the best 3rd party Apple watch bands. In this guide, we mention bands of different styles, falling in different budget ranges. Thus, you’ll surely find an option that goes well with your style and budget.

  1. Fullife Bling Band
  3. Sunnywoo Sport Band
  4. Women Scrunchie Bands
  5. OULUCCI Stainless Steel Band
  6. BRG Leather Bands
  7. NUKELOLO Sport Band
  8. STIROLL Slim Leather Bands
  9. EXCHAR Sport Band
  10. Wearlizer Women’s Floral Compatible with Apple Watch Band

Fullife Bling Band

Best 3rd Party Apple Watch Bands

Starting the list with a bling, this Fullife band is compatible with Apple watches in the 38mm and 40mm series. If you want to dazzle with your arm candy, this is the ideal band for you. 168 cubic zirconia make up the band’s width, allowing you to take the center stage wherever you go.

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Boasting a stylish contemporary look, this band will add a dash of bling to your outfit. It is made of stainless steel with a sleek finish. You can get it in different colors including rose gold and black.

Adjustability is no longer an issue, as this band comes with a link remover. You can remove up to six links to make the band more suitable for your wrist size. Additionally, the manufacturers offer an 18-month warranty, so you can get a replacement or full return.

  • Available in 7 colors
  • Sleek and contemporary
  • Comes with a link remover
  • Can be easily adjusted according to size
  • Hard to put on and remove


Best 3rd Party Apple Watch Bands

Perfectly fitting all Apple watches, the band brings a certain sophistication to whatever you wear. Moreover, the company has used genuine leather of top-quality to make this band.

Along with being a true image of superior craftsmanship, the band is extremely comfortable. No matter how much your hand moves during work or exercising, the band won’t slip off.

Additionally, it is very breathable and does not retain the odor from sweat, keeping your arms smelling fresh. Made for ease, the connecter keeps the watch dial secure and well-fit in place. With 44 color options, you’d be spoilt for choice when selecting just one. 

  • Unique strap closure
  • A classic design
  • Genuine leather finish
  • Specially-processed adapter and screw
  • Might show signs of wear and tear after a few weeks of use

Sunnywoo Sport Band

Best 3rd Party Apple Watch Bands

If you like patterned watch bands, you’d fall in love with this one from Sunnywoo. Having a silicone finish, this floral printed watch band is suitable for Apple watches of Series 1-4.

The company uses the latest 3D printing technology to create patterns like hearts, polka dots, leopard, etc. Thus, the printing won’t fade away or get damaged with excessive use.

Although marketed at women, the band is equally appealing for men as it can be easily adjusted according to the wrist size. Thanks to the holes, the band offers plenty of breathability so you won’t feel irritated wearing the watch for too long.

Plus, the Sunnywoo sports band is easy to install and remove. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions on the manual and the dial will fit perfectly. Moreover, the lugs on either sides of the wristbands keep the dial secure in place.

  • Easy to install
  • Unique and slim
  • Has high-quality 3D printing
  • Soft silicon build
  • Designs aren’t suitable for everyone

Women Scrunchie Bands

Best 3rd Party Apple Watch Bands

Compatible with up to Series 5 Apple watches, this is one of the best 3rd party Apple watch bands for women. It features an adorable scrunchy design, which isn’t only unique but also very attractive.

In total, there are 15 style options for you to choose from, including flamingo, floral, and dog paw patterns. While the chic appearance will get you compliments from everyone, the elastic release means that you’ll stay comfortable as ever.

Moreover, the band is made of high-quality fabric. Thus, it does not irritate your skin, and is durable enough to last for months to come. If the band gets dirty in the rain or during use, you can wash it, making it as good as new.

Lastly, it is backed by a 12-month warranty. You can get a hassle-free replacement in case there is a defect or you’re not satisfied by the band’s quality.

  • Comes in different patterns and colors
  • Made of high-quality fabric
  • Is skin-friendly and washable
  • The fabric’s threads get pulled out easily
  • Can snag on things and get damaged

OULUCCI Stainless Steel Band

Best 3rd Party Apple Watch Bands

This stainless steel band can fit wrist sizes from 5.5 inches to 8 inches, thus, suitable for men and women both. Don’t be fooled by its low price, as the band is made of premium stainless steel which won’t rust ever after long-term use.

Additionally, the steel finish keeps you safe from skin irritation and allergies. Plus, the elegant D-pattern design makes it suitable for work and every day wear.

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Luckily, no tools are needed to open the watch and resize it to fit your wrist. You can easily resize the band by opening the clasp links with your finger.

In case you’re not completely satisfied with the band or have any other issue, you can get a replacement or refund for 12 months after purchase.

  • Has an elegant design
  • Does not cause allergies
  • Suitable for every day and occasion wear
  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Resizing is a bit tricky

BRG Leather Bands

Best 3rd Party Apple Watch Bands

If you wear this band to work, no one would be able to guess that you’ve bought it for such a decent price. Made of top-notch leather, this band looks like something you’d get from a high-end store.

The leather used for making it comes from the top layer of cowhide, so the band feels soft and comfortable on your skin. Additionally, it has been designed by experts, so there is no compromise on quality.

Fitting a wrist size of up to 7.9 inches, the watch is compatible with Apple series 1-5. So, you can conveniently attach it to any Apple watch. Despite being made of leather, the watch does not have a smell, nor does it retain sweat odor.

  • Has a professional look
  • Made of top-notch leather
  • Anti-slip and breathable
  • Comes in four colors
  • Limited color options


Best 3rd Party Apple Watch Bands

Quite understandably, not everyone wants a professional-looking watch band. If you want to sport a more relaxed and funkier look, this is the right band for you.

It fits all Apple watch models including the Series 4 and 5. On top of that, it’s easy to install and uninstall. You merely have to slide the connectors into the watch dial and it will easily fit in place.

When it comes to color options, there are more than 25 choices for you to consider, so you’re bound to find your favorite color. Since the band is so economically-priced, you can even buy multiple colors to match different outfits.

Moreover, high-quality silicone is used in making the band. Therefore, it won’t irritate your skin even if you wear a watch the whole day.

  • Available in over 25 colors
  • Made of durable silicone
  • Is easy to install and uninstall
  • Does not cause irritation
  • Feels a bit flimsy

STIROLL Slim Leather Bands

Best 3rd Party Apple Watch Bands

A bit different from most other bands on our list, this one has a thin and sleek design. Featuring a streamlined finish, this watch band is made of top-grade leather. It has a non-slip and durable finish for your ultimate comfort.

The company has integrated a newly-designed adapter in the band that allows you to easily install your Apple watch in seconds. Along with being easy to work with, the band is also quite firm on your wrists.

Additionally, it offers extreme breathability, allowing you to wear your watch for the whole work day without any discomfort. The box contains a band and a scratch-resistant case for it.

  • Comes in 44 colors
  • Has a new integrated adapter
  • Made of top-grade leather
  • Has a streamlined design
  • The accompanying case is too clunky

EXCHAR Sport Band

Best 3rd Party Apple Watch Bands

You wouldn’t want to lose you expensive Apple watch while working out, would you? If you’re looking for a band that keeps the watch firmly connected in place, this Exchar sports band is a great pick. It is compatible with Apple watches of up to Series 4.

Since it is made of premium silicone, it will keep your wrists comfortable even with long-term wear. Sweating is inevitable during workout and that’s why the manufacturers have maximized breathability in this design. As a result, you won’t feel caged by the watch nor will you get any allergies.

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Additionally, the band has a stainless steel buckle which does not rust and keeps your skin safe from irritation. As there are many color options, anyone can find the perfect choice for themselves.

If you face any quality issues, you can get a refund or replacement in 360 days following the purchase.

  • Suitable for men and women
  • Features a breathable design
  • Has a stainless steel buckle
  • Does not rust
  • Prevents irritation and allergies
  • Sticks to the skin if your arm is sweaty
  • Not compatible with Apple Series 5 watches

Wearlizer Women’s Floral Compatible with Apple Watch Band

Best 3rd Party Apple Watch Bands

Since Apple watches are so sleek and simple, you can either keep the simplicity by adding a monotonous band or spice it up by attaching a patterned one. Wearlizer has options for people with both kinds of style needs.

This band is available in simple colors and floral patterns, so you can choose the style that suits your aesthetic needs. Made of premium leather, the band is built to last the test of time.

Not only does it feel rich but also keeps you comfortable. Despite being simple, the band is quite elegant, so you can wear it to a special occasion and get plenty of compliments.

Also, it comes with a 12-month warranty. If you’re not happy with the purchase, simply return it or get a replacement.

  • Available in simple colors and patterns
  • Made of premium leather
  • Fits up to 8.4 inches wrist size
  • Has a metal buckle for easy adjustments
  • Too glossy for some workplaces


With this, we have come to the end of our best 3rd party Apple watch bands review. We discussed all kinds of bands from sporty and professional to chic and girly.

If you do not want to spend too much money at the Apple store or want more style and color choices, we hope that this review helped you expand your options. Let us know what kind of band you like and if you wear it for professional or everyday use.

10 Best Bands for Space Grey Apple Watch In 2020

best bands for space grey apple watch 3

If you’re looking for the best bands for space grey Apple watch, you’re in the right place. As stunning as the space grey Apple watch is, it’s hard to find bands that match the color.

Having a replacement band means that you can give the watch a whole new look, depending on where you’re going that day or your outfit. For that, you must know about your options. In this review, we’ll introduce you to different replacement bands for the space grey Apple watch.

These are 10 best bands for space grey Apple watch;

  1. eLander Stainless Steel Metal Strap
  2. VIGOSS Band for Apple Watch
  3. IYOU Sport Watch Band
  4. ORIbox Compatible for Apple Watch Band
  5. Tovelo Sport Loop Band
  7. SexHope Apple Watch Band
  8. Wearlizer Leather Apple Watch Band
  9. Barton Top Grain Leather Watch Bands
  10. HUAFIY Compatible iWatch Band

eLander Stainless Steel Metal Strap

best bands for space grey apple watch

When used right, the Apple watch can be great for use at work too. However, you might not be allowed to wear flashy watch bands to work. This eLnader watch strap has a metal build and is compatible with all Apple watches.

Made of stainless steel metal, the band exhibits luxury and elegance. Since it has a premium finish, it doesn’t feel cheap or clumsy on your wrist. Additionally, it is very comfortable due to its personalized fit.

More importantly, the band comes with a kit for removing the watch link. So, you’ll get a screwdriver and some extra screws in case you need to remove watch links to adjust its size.

As it is available in space grey color, it will go perfectly with the space grey Apple watch.

  • Available in space gray
  • Has a premium build
  • Comes with a link removal kit
  • Compatible with 42 mm and 44 mm Apple watches
  • Adds weight to the watch

VIGOSS Band for Apple Watch

This Vigoss band is suitable for people who want a band that won’t make them too sweaty or uncomfortable. Since it has a breathable nylon finish, it doesn’t accumulate sweat and lets your skin breathe.

Moreover, there are no sharp edges or scratchy surfaces, so you can wear them for hours or end without feeling uncomfortable.

Besides that, the band is waterproof and lightweight, making it suitable for everyday wear. The black color will help the space grey watch pop and look much classier than it would look with another band.

Thanks to the metal clasps, the band will sit securely on your wrist in a snug fit. The rings and buckle clasp have been polished in silver steel, to give the band a luxurious feel.

  • No tools needed
  • Is waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Does not have sharp edges
  • Might not be suitable for sensitive skin

IYOU Sport Watch Band

With over 20 colors to choose from, we assure you that it would be hard for you just to pick one. Apart from multiple color choices, the IYOU sports watch band is also pretty cool in terms of design and comfort.

It has watch lugs on both sides that fit the watch perfectly. Whenever you need to remove it, simply press a button, and the dial will be removed.

Owing to the pin-and-tuck closure, wearing the watch becomes much simpler. Also, it has a soft silicone finish, which is suitable for all skin types.

Basically, this band is suitable for people who want to make a loud, bold statement with their Apple watch.

  • Has an easy pin-and-tuck closure
  • A soft silicone build
  • Sporty look
  • Fits comfortable on the wrist
  • Attracts dust easily

ORIbox Compatible for Apple Watch Band

The ORIbox band has been made for people who want to experience deluxe quality while enjoying the utmost comfort. With a stainless steel build, the watch has a mesh strap with the loop in the Milanese style.

Additionally, the magnetic clasp allows the finest fit. You can adjust the band as you like without having to struggle with the buckles.

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Simply clasp the buckle in place wherever it feels most comfortable, and you’re good to go.

Along with fitting well on your wrist, the band also installs smoothly into any Apple watch. You can remove it with a single click whenever you need to replace the band.

It’s available in black and silver. Luckily, both colors go well with the space grey Apple watch.

  • Has a magnetic clasp
  • Secures in place with a single click
  • Stainless steel build
  • Sports a Milanese loop style
  • Limited color options

Tovelo Sport Loop Band

This Tovelo sports loop band is available in a multitude of colors, 29 to be precise. Depending on your wrist size and how tight you want the band to be, you can adjust it as much as you want.

Along with being easy to wear, the band is also quite sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking apart. It is soft and breathable so that you can wear it all day long without your wrist itching.

Thanks to the hook-and-loop fastener, you can wear and adjust the band with ultimate ease. Before being made available for sale, the company sends these bands for testing. So, you won’t find a manufacturing flaw in them.

Also, double-layer material has been used in its manufacturing. As a result, the band provides cushioning to the skin and also allows sweat to escape, keeping you cool.

  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Has a hook-and-loop fastener
  • Easy to adjust and remove
  • Double-layer build removes moisture
  • Original colors do not match the pictures


best bands for space grey apple watch

Suitable for all Apple watches, this band is great for men and women, both. Firstly, it has an adjustable length, as the pins can be used to snap the watch in place.

Secondly, it is made of genuine leather of premium quality. So, you can expect it to last for a long time.

Meanwhile, the final finish is breathable and does not retain sweat or other body odors. Additionally, it is comfortable for long-term wear.

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Since the band has adapters at both sides, you can easily install your Apple watch in it. It stays securely fit in place, and the band does not fall off even if you’re doing an extensive activity.

Most importantly, it also comes with a protector that you can keep on your watch to save it from collecting lint and dust.

  • Easy to install
  • Keeps the dial secure in place
  • Made of high-quality leather
  • Adapters on both ends
  • Has a secure connecter
  • Buckle coating wears out quickly

SexHope Apple Watch Band

Not everyone wants to wear a black or grey band with their space grey Apple watch. If you are one of these people, you’d like this SexHope watch band. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Made of stainless steel, the band is of high quality and looks quite elegant. Moreover, the fastening is very easy as there is a magnet for quick fastening.

Also, you get a one-year warranty, so get in touch with the manufacturers if you come across any defective unit.

  • Stainless steel build
  • Magnetic fastening
  • Easy to remove and install
  • Available in 13 colors
  • Not waterproof

Wearlizer Leather Apple Watch Band

Compatible with Apple watches, this band is made of genuine leather and has an ultra-slim design. When you flaunt this watch out in public, no one would be able to guess the amazing price you got it for.

Featuring a retro design with slim ends, the band will surely amp up the aesthetic of your Apple watch. Also, it has a bronze ring to add some color to the monotonous watch.

 Apart from style, the band is also very easy to install. All you have to do is click the adapters in place. They’ll keep the dial secure, and you won’t have to worry about it falling out.

The manufacturers offer a 12-month warranty. You can get a free refund of your order if there’s a defect in quality or design.

  • Made of genuine leather
  • Has a retro design
  • Is easy to remove and install
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Not suitable for bigger wrists

Barton Top Grain Leather Watch Bands

If you’re a fan of leather bands, you’d love this one too. It is compatible with Apple watches of all series and sizes. Also, the band comes with a case, so you can store it safely when not in use.

The manufacturers select top leather material for these bands and treat the underside so that it does not cause discomfort to your skin. Additionally, the leather build prevents slippage and provides an ideal fit.

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Furthermore, the stainless steel buckle complements the band’s design and allows you to adjust it according to your preference.

  • Ultra-soft undersides
  • Made of top-grain leather
  • 316 stainless steel buckles for adjustments
  • Minimum slippage and maximum comfort
  • Not very long-lasting

HUAFIY Compatible iWatch Band

best bands for space grey apple watch 3

The Huafiy watch has a unique style, which is a blend of two colors. Made of tanned Italian leather, the band undergoes a special scrubbing process, which gives it a rustic color.

On top of the stylish design, the band also offers easy installation. The micro-spring loaded adapter fits into every watch, including Apple watches of all series.

You just need to slide it in place, and the dial will be secure. In just a few seconds, you can give your watch a whole new look.

Moreover, the buckle is made of anodized steel, which makes your watch look classy and elegant. Since the band comes with 18 months of warranty, you can get a replacement in case of defects.

  • Compatible with all Apple series
  • Comes with 18-month warranty
  • Has a stylish design
  • Anodized stainless steel buckle
  • Leather is too thick and not soft


Changing the band on your Apple watch can help spice it up or make it more suitable for a particular outfit.

It’s useful to have some of the best bands for space grey Apple watch at hand so that you can sport a unique wrist candy in the gym and at work. We hope this guide helped you find the best band for your style and preference.  

10 Best Wireless Earbuds For TV In 2020

Best Wireless Earbuds For TV

As streaming services are flooded with content to watch, it’s time to cut the cord and invest in the best wireless earbuds for TV.

Whether you want to enjoy immersive sound quality or block the outside world via noise-cancellation, wireless earbuds are an ideal addition to your home cinema. With wireless earbuds, you won’t have to keep the noise down anymore.

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Here are some of the best wireless earbuds for TV;

  1. Sony WF1000XM3
  2. Airpods Pro
  3. Amazon Echo Buds
  4. Jabra Elite 75t
  5. Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro
  6. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Earbuds
  7. Powerbeats Pro
  8. Jaybird Vista
  9. Samsung Galaxy Buds+
  10. JBL Earbuds

Sony WF1000XM3

Best Wireless Earbuds For TV

Sony WF1000XM3 is best noise canceling earbuds for your immersive listening experience. It comes with 24 bit audio signal processing power that delivers dramatically improved sound quality, providing more immersive sound. These best wireless earbuds for TV provide industry-leading noise cancellation with noise canceling processor that isolates you completely from the surrounding and lets you focus more on your movies and favourite TV season.

You can connect it to your smartphone for adoptive sound control that automatically switches to ambient sound mode based on your activity. It has a total battery life of 24 hours with charging case. With just a 10 minute quick charge, you will get 90 minutes of continuous playback time. It comes  with  a triple comfort air tips made from long hybrid Silicon rubber that provides you comfortable music experience for a long time.

If you want to enjoy great quality music in a stylish looking pair of earbuds, then the Sony WF1000XM3 earbuds are perfect for you.

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Airpods Pro

Best Wireless Earbuds For TV

When it comes to Apple, they are the best in producing great quality products with good optimization. Now, the upgraded version of the Apple AirPods, the new Apple AirPods pro is the only pair of earbuds that has active noise cancellation blocking out the unnecessary noise so that you can focus on what you’re listening to on your TV.

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You will enjoy superior sound quality with adaptive equalizer which automatically tunes music  and  provides consistent listening experience, the Apple design H chip employs audio course creating incredibly low audio processing latency that enables real-time noise cancellation.

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The Apple AirPods pro will give you up to 4.5 hours of listening time on a single charge. And the wireless charging case will deliver more than 25 hours of battery life. And the charging case is compatible with GE certified chargers.

If you want the best, all-around performance with convenient user experience and a great level of comfort from your Apple TV and the Apple Airpods pro is the best option for you.

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Amazon Echo Buds

Best Wireless Earbuds For TV

Amazon echo birds, a beautifully crafted Airbus that is designed to deliver excellent quality music. This earbuds feature all premium sound drivers on each earbud that delivers immersive sound so that you can enjoy crisp dynamic audio equipping, both active noise reduction technology and sealed in air design.

These earbuds for TV does an excellent job at noise cancellation and isolates you from outside world. It comes with built in Amazon Alexa access and manage other assistants such as Siri or Google assistant with voice control. With a long lasting battery, it delivers up to five hours music playback time per charge, and up to two hours with a 15 minute quick charge.

And with the case, you can get up to 20 hours nonstop playback time. These TV earbuds are sweat resistant and counted IPS4 rating so that you can wear it with confidence even in wet conditions. The Amazon echo buds deliver great value for money.

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Jabra Elite 75t

Best Wireless Earbuds For TV

Jabra Elite 75t has a perfect balance of usability features and sound quality. Jabra Elit 75t offers a reliable and it features powerful drivers allowing you to enjoy good quality of music while listening to TV. Jabra Elite 75t TV wireless earbuds are designed in such a way that it stays locked into the ear for better performance.

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It delivers excellent noise reduction on outgoing audio and lets you have a clear conversation in whatever surroundings you’re in. It comes in IPX2 for sweat proof and water resistant. Jabra Elite 75t delivers up to 7.5 hours of playback time per charge and a total of 28 hours, including the charging case.

The Jabra Elite 75t is specially designed for Netflix and TV viewers.

Get Jabra Elite 75t from Amazon

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

Best Wireless Earbuds For TV

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Proare the first earbuds to utilize the Astro coaxial, acoustic architecture, and they are endorsed by 10 Grammy award winning audio producers. These earbuds have a state of the art design that integrates an 11 millimetre dynamic auto driver, which provides stunning power to the low end while adding biz punch with real impact diffuses your audio with irresistible intensity.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Probest wireless earbuds for TVarecompatible with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This pair of TV earbuds will give you an uninterrupted experience every time. Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro isunique in using the sound core app and creates a tailor made sound set up just for your ears.

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This is because as we age our years age too and so our hearing abilities are different with either ear.  You can adjust the sound according to the exact needs of both ears with four microphones and a CVC aid noise reduction feature. Your voice will be isolated and transmitted in high clarity for a seamless experience. The Liberty 2 pro has a total run time of up to eight hours and 32 hours with a charging case.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Prohas IPX4 waterproof rating which will allow you to use it comfortably without any hassle.

The Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Prois an excellent pair of earbuds and Soundcore is currently offering $20 off on it for a limited time.

Get Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro from Amazon

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Earbuds

Best Wireless Earbuds For TV

Sennheiser is the oldest and most trusted brand in audio. If you are looking for a set of luxurious true wireless earbuds for TV, the Sennheiser Momentum is a smart bet. Qualcomm, ABTS and AAC technology produces crystal clear sound for your ears while it’s Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity offers exceptional luxury audio.

It has a touch pad that lifts the trigger. The Momentum best wireless earbuds for TV can provide up to four hours of total listening time. With the charging case, you can take that up to 12 hours easily and the charging case alone can provide the two full charges to extend your TV listening time.

It comes with a smartphone app that lets you customize your listening experience according to need. You can also use a transparent hearing settings control ambient noise you want to hear. The Momentum true wireless TV earbuds offers ear tips in four sizes. It has formidable IPX rating to let you use these earbuds in wet conditions.

If you are looking for a pair of earbuds that can provide impressive sound quality music, then Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless TV Earbudsis a right choicefor you.

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Powerbeats Pro

Best Wireless Earbuds For TV

The Powerbeats pro is Apple’s first pair of completely wireless TV. They deliver excellent sound and seamless Apple TV integration and a low profile package. It is powered by the Apple and will help you with the longer TV viewing and Netflix sessions.

Each earbud has up to nine hours of listening time. So you can keep your music going with a charging case. You’ll get more than 24 hours of combined playback before a need of extra juice of five minutes. Charging case will give you a whopping 1.5 hours of playback time. It is designed for sweat and water resistance with adjustable secure fit.

If you’re an Apple TV owner then you will appreciate better sounding music and features like hands-free “Siri” control. This will be a great choice for you.

Get Powerbeats Pro from Amazon

Jaybird Vista

Best Wireless Earbuds For TV

The Jaybird Vista is a pair of true wireless earbuds for TV viewers. With the Vista, Jaybird has made a huge leap forward in the world of wireless earbuds. They’re comfortable, sound great and can withstand longer Netflix or TV sessions. These earbuds fit in the ear securely, and they are mostly comfortable to wear. Three   different sized air tips and bands are included to help you get a tight seal and secure fit.

The Jaybird Vista showcases design that is waterproof and sweat resistant. These earbuds will give you six hours of playback time on a full charge plus 10 more hours from the charging case.

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With a five minute quick charge, it offers an hour of playtime. The Jaybird app gives an infinite equalizer control over Vista. Highly efficient drivers give an unmatched custom audio experience. And also keep track of wireless earbuds through the Jaybird app.

If you want a pair of earbuds for Netflix which is tough and secure enough for TV listening then the Jaybird Vista will be a good choice for you.

Get Jaybird Vista from Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Best Wireless Earbuds For TV

Samsung galaxy buds+ is the central update of the last year of galaxy buds. The improved driver and enhanced call experience make them one of the best wireless earbuds for TV. This earbuds features two way dynamic speaker system and boost a driver that produces powerful bass and crisp high.

Enjoy crystal clear calls and unparalleled voice quality with two innovative outer microphones. Picks up your voice with accuracy and reduces background noise. There’s a touch sensitive surface that allows you to easily control your music playback and  are counted IPS2 splash resistant so that you can wear it in wet conditions without any worry.

This wireless earbuds lets you enjoy longer TV sessions with its 11 hour playback time and a total of 22 hours of playback time with a charging case.

If you are in the Samsung ecosystem and looking for the perfect earbuds for a sounding device, then the Samsung galaxy buds plus is right choice for you.

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JBL Earbuds

Best Wireless Earbuds For TV

JBL earbuds are known to be best sounding earbuds that money can buy on the market. JBL earbuds for tv has a carefree design to maximize each and every TV listening session. It comes at a powerful 5.8 millimeter driver that produces punch airwaves and clear vocals to let you enjoy good quality TV sounds.

Thanks to its bionic hearing feature as this best wireless earbuds for TV lets you hear your surroundings with, to talk through ambient technology so that you can easily chat with a  family person with these earbuds in your ear. JBL earbuds is IPX7 sweat and waterproof that promises to withstand wet conditions without any elements thrown on her way.

Its battery life can last up to five hours per charge and offers up to 25 hours of total battery life with the case so that you can enjoy great quality music for a long time.

If you love to enjoy music while watching TV, then JBL earbuds is a right choice for you and you can get it from online.

Get JBL Earbuds from Amazon

So that was all about the top 10 best wireless earbuds for TV.

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