The Apple watch sex tracker has been meticulously and exquisitely designed and carved out of some of the most precious metals on earth.

Apple wanted to give you the best way to track all of your activities. No matter how small, in an effortless and complete way, Apple realized by putting this elegant timepiece on your wrist that could also track your sex life anonymously.

So I masturbate twice a day. Tim cook flogs the dolphin 11 times in a 24 hour period, and yet we had no way to capture that critical data of how often and how intense you bleed the weasel or did all the Skittle, Apple fitness bands and watches can measure your heart rate or how long your run is. The Apple watch takes that two steps further and lets you know how to become more sexually active.

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Sex tracker even measures activity in the city. Bare hand or bald hand, and for more detailed experience, you can actually attach the Apple watch to your genitalia while you’re tossing to Turkey. Apple believe that the Apple watch should not only possess seamless technology and gorgeous design, but exquisite comfort the Milanese loop cups, the balls in a secure and serene fashion that makes your self-love experience enjoyable .

how to become more sexually active

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With Zen- like Apple watch sex tracker, you can also let loved ones know you’re thinking about them in a brand new way. You can draw a heart or a flower. Or maybe you just want to draw a pair of plump pink boobs or a purple penis.

If you can think it, you can draw it on an Apple watch. As long as it’s really small, you already know you can send your heartbeat to someone, but when you turn your Apple watch into love mode, your significant other can feel you pulsing as you complete your donation to the Clinton library. Apple, takes your privacy very seriously.

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So the NSA will never know that you just served up a protein shake during a white house tour at Apple. Apple has designed something to be worn, but more importantly to let the lovers know how to become more sexually active.

how to become more sexually active

FitDix is a great apple watch app for measuring sexual performance, getting training on improving sexual health and becoming more sexually active. This AI Apple watch sex tracker app is great for men or women looking to “how to become more sexually active”. Fitdix has all the answers regarding tracking sexual health and performance in a unique way and anonymously.

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